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Minimalist bathroom with off white tones

A minimalist bathroom with off-white tones is likely to be the look of bathroom #3 in CASA PYLA.

As known as Mila’s bathroom.

Mila spent years telling me that our home in London was too white. Now that I’m moving towards warmer tones, she wants a white bathroom and ensuite. Go figure…

This ensuite bathroom is 3.46 m2.
It is not a huge space but decent enough for an ensuite. East facing, this bathroom has plenty of natural light all day and a window overlooking the front garden from the first floor.

Before we knocked down the partition walls, there was a large built-in wardrobe and a basin.
I’m replacing everything by an Italian shower with a niche (see picture below) and a large bathroom sink.

I love this L: A BRUKET range, don’t you!?

Plenty of storage is key to achieve a minimalist design for your bathroom.
A large cupboard will allow you to store eye-sore skincare/hair products away while keeping some of your nicest skincare on display.

When it comes to styling a bathroom, my favorite brands tend to be AESOP, ILAPOTHECARY, THE ORDINARY and this Bamboo charcoal bar soap.

At the moment, Mila has chosen black bathroom fittings.
If I can’t find any black wall taps and shower fittings that suit me, I may switch.
I would prefer using brass taps and keep the black taps for another, darker bathroom.

As it is an ensuite bathroom to a double bedroom, I chose a large bathroom sink with two sets of taps. I will probably get a mirror cut to size to be the same width as the basin.

Wall & flooring are likely to be polished concrete.

H&M linen bathrobe will be the perfect props to style the space. I had this one in light brown for a couple of years now and it’s wonderful to wear in the summertime.

I also noticed they’ve recently added these beautiful linen PJs which I will order soon.


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