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Minimalist, soft grey bathroom in CASA PYLA

Minimalist grey bathroom in CASA PYLA

So excited to share with you the look of our master bathroom which features an elegant Kaldewei bathtub fitted with a built-in Sound Wave system (the dream!)

When we purchased CASA PYLA in March 2019, the house had 5 bedrooms but only one bathroom which was located on the ground floor. The 4 bedrooms on the first floor had only a wash basin each.
We asked our Architect from l’Atelier d’Architecture du Bassin d’Arcachon, to re-configure the space and add at least, three new bathrooms on the first floor which he managed to do.
Minimalist grey bathroom in CASA PYLA

Once the layout of the rooms was done, my biggest challenge was to design three new bathrooms that would feel spacious despite their small size.

Just to give you an idea, this one is only 1.92 x 2.13 m but has almost 3m high ceilings. To maintain the sense of space, I kept the bathroom open onto the bedroom without a door. If we want privacy, we shut the bedroom door.

Our requirements for this bathroom were:

  • to include a bathtub preferably a steel enamel one,
  • to have open shelves so I could style the space with my favorite products from Aesop, Olaplex, and The Ordinary.
  • and to be minimalist and easy to care for

During the recent bathroom renovation of our Airbnb home, we fitted a cast-iron bathtub.
The bathtub looked great but it required 4 (struggling) men to carry it from the garden into the bathroom. Bearing in mind that our new bathroom was on the first floor, I couldn’t see that happening. I  also felt acrylic bathtubs looked cheap and you can feel the plastic.

KALDEWEI is one of the few companies that offer timeless, modern, and minimalist steel enamel bathtubs and washbasins. Steel enamel was my preferred choice because it is extremely durable and can be recycled 100 percent after a long life.
They have a large collection in various shapes, sizes, and colors suitable for all requirements. So it was easy to find what I was looking for.

The Centro undercounter washbasin

Designed by Anke Salomon, the Centro under counter washbasin comes in two sizes (610 x 380 and 910 x 380). I loved its minimalist design and soft curves, but its narrow width made it the perfect size to fit in the alcove I had designed.Micro concrete vasque in CASA PYLA

Micro concrete vasque in CASA PILA fitted with Kaldewei

Kaldewei Centro under counter washbasin | Lusso Stone wall-mounted taps

Once they had applied the micro concrete to the walls, Marius Aurenti Aquitaine created the worktop in their workshop. Then they came to fit it within the alcove and mounted Kaldewei washbasin (see below).
Kaldewei has a great range of countertop washbasins but as I was aiming for a minimalist look, I streamlined as much as I could and the under-counter washbasin option was the best for my vision. Kaldewei bathtub in CASA PYLAThis is the bathroom before the Kaldewei Centro under counter washbasin was mounted.

The Centro Duo bathtub

Designed by Sottsass Associati, the Centro Duo bathtub by Kaldewei is a wonderful addition to our bathroom. It is spacious, beautifully designed, and comfortable.Soft grey, minimalist bathroom in CASA PYLASoft grey, minimalist bathroom in CASA PYLAClose-up Soft grey, minimalist bathroom in CASA PYLAClose-up Kaldewei bathtub

Kaldewei bathtub close-up in CASA PYLA

In love with the details and finitions

The Sound Wave system

Once thing that you can not see but which takes having a bath to the next level is the Sound Wave system by Kaldewei.

Before Marius Aurenti installed the panel in front of the bathtub to hide all the pipes, we added six acoustic panels and two transducers outside the tub. I applied the acoustic panels on the tub while my electrician connected the transducers to a power socket.

Once this is done, you can simply wirelessly play music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device. I use my iPhone to play my favorite tracks. Once you’ve connected SOUND WAVE automatically recognizes your device each time you use it again.
If you stay in the 25 Hours Bikini in Berlin, the freestanding Classic Duo Oval bathtub comes with the Sound Wave system.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

This article is posted in partnership with KALDEWEI and may contain affiliate links.



CASA PYLA is a creative residence available for Summer rentals and shooting/filming. It is located two minutes’ walk from the beach in Pyla-sur-Mer (45 min drive from Bordeaux airport). Facing Cap-Ferret, CASA PYLA is located in a very leafy area and if you go for a walk on the beach, you will get a stunning view of this beauty.

If you wish to book CASA PYLA, for your holidays or for a photo shoot, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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