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I wanted to show you these throws in beautiful muted colours but first, I have a question for you… Does it bother you when I blog about new products we have in the shop? I’m asking this because I initially started blogging 7 years ago to…

promote the shop but very quickly my blog became something else…
Suddenly it became this kind of creative outlet where I had compulsively share the things that I found beautiful and that inspired me.
My mum always told me “keep your life private”, “don’t mix business and pleasure”, “don’t share your life with people you don’t know…”, “keep your distance with staff” (this last one makes me cringe!)…well obviously I didn’t listen to any of that and I’m cool with it.
If I had listened to everything people said to me, I don’t think I would have achieved half of the things I did, let alone started my buisness. Sometimes, you have to follow your own guts and go with YOUR flow.
Back to the subject of my question, I’m asking this because after 9 years in business, there are still people that haven’t registered that I’ve got a shop (and at the end of the day, I still have a business to promote), others who surprisingly buy from the shop but haven’t realised I’m blogging and some like Holly, who thought I was only blogging about the business.

So back to the subject of my question, I just wanted to check how you felt about it.
Usually when I write about new products, I’m dead excited about it because I only source things I love.
I don’t really look at historical sale figures. It wouldn’t really work for the concept of our collection and style, instead I follow my guts (and sometimes I’m wrong but most of the time, I have a good guts feeling about things that are going to work) and also because products that hit the roof will be some left-field gems that I have discovered and you didn’t even know you wanted :-)

The only time, it bores me to death to write about our collection is during Christmas time, which funnily enough, is the most important trading period for us, and exactly when I should be blogging about our product range but I’ve always blogged when I felt like it and as soon as you introduce the notion of “have to” in blogging, it takes the fun away.
So if you have a minute, I would love to know your opinion on this.

Now…these throws

Each season, I try to find some beautiful throws that will be perfect to curl up on the sofa with the kids and this year, I LOVE the muted colours of these ones. To top it up, they have matching cushions and they are more affordable than the “Feel Good” throws we had last year (now sold out) so I think they will go down a storm at Christmas :-)
What do you think?

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  1. Kate-in-Canada says

    Hi – I think that as long as you’re honest about the fact you’re promoting your business then that’s fine. My pet hate is when someone blogs or tweets either to get something for free or has been given something for free……I quickly move on from them in that situation….!

    Keep mixing it up, it’s fine by me!


  2. I love reading blogs but rarely comment, but I think a mix of promoting your business and writing about yourself and your life brings a personal touch and for me personally I like that.

    By the way, I adore the colours of the throws, I’d love them all, they compliment each other so well and they look so snuggly <3

  3. Hi Sarah, thank you for your comment especially since you said you don’t usually comment, I really appreciate.
    I think it’s getting the balance right that is a bit tricky and I think I will keep following my instinct.

    And you’re right re. the trows , they really compliment each other.

  4. Hi Kate-in-Canada
    Sorry for the short first message, I was answering from my phone and it wouldn’t let me post more.
    I agree with you regarding bloggers that blog about free things they received. It’s not very interesting.
    I’d rather work with brands & charge them a fee but then spent 2 or 3 hours creating content that will be interesting for my readers.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I have absolutely, no problem with you posting stuff from your shop, after all it’s a style I love!
    With regards to a previous comment about bloggers posting when they’ve gotten something for free, I think it very much depends on how it’s done, if you started promoting stuff from Primark and such I would loose interest because it doesn’t seem very ‘you’ but if for example you did something on a brand which fits and you got a freebie I don’t see a problem as long as it feels authentic to you. I think we have a high expectation from bloggers expecting magazine style content but the blogger to do it for free,

  6. Thanks @Hello Sweatpea for your lovely comment
    and you’re totally right, sometimes people often forget that bloggers create content for free and it’s a lot of hard work to create great content :-)
    Personally I either blog about things I love or if a brand contacts me, then I charge them.
    First because I don’t like working for free and the income that I get from working with some brands is what allows me to blog about anything I like without getting paid. It’s a bit like actors doing a blockbuster movie to then be able to work on more indie films where they wouldnt get the same high wages but they would enjoy themselves

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