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My home in London {the lounge}

I was planning to post the images of Sir Terence Conran’s pad where I spent a private evening a couple of weeks ago (sooo cool!) but my brother showed me these pictures he took of my home and I’m sorry but home is where my heart is, so Sir Conran’s pad will wait until Monday…
Have a wonderful weekend!

1. moodboard 2. Paulistano chair by Brazilian design God Paulo Mendes da Rocha 3. Robin Day sofa from Habitat 4. Sheepskin from Ikea 5. Lima floor standing light 6. Feathers poster 7. My La Trop

J’avais prevu de poster les images du loft de Sir Terence Conran ou je suis allee il ya deux semaines a une soiree privee (trop cool!) mais mon frere m’a montre les photos qu’il avait prises de mon salon et je suis desolee mais home is where my heart is, donc le loft de Sir Conran attendra jusqu’a demain…
Je vous souhaite un excellent weekend!

PS: I’ve created a new facebook account to keep family stuff separated from B&F because le mari needs a break so come and see me here
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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want your brother.. well him and his camera ofcourse…. or maybe I want your house to ;)

    This is amazing Sir Conran can wait!
    *smak* soooo lovely ;)

  2. Your lounge is stunning the way it is! But I had the grey in the bedroom so I needed some white to feel the space around me..I love how the room turned out! It was magnolia when we moved in and initially I wanted to paint the floorboard in white but painting the walls in bright white lifted up the floorboards and I love how they contrast now

  3. haha Lau is such a devoted fan ;)

    By the way … I feel that kind of Paul Massey home! even if you do not want to make white floors..

  4. Cool because the Finance Director of the house is not feeling the love to spend £25K to break down a wall like chez P. Massey and instead we may do the kitchen up…which suits me fine (do you remember the kitchen from this family in Amsterdam who have a cafe?)…we should check them out in June

  5. I do not know who’s Amsterdam kitchen you are talking about.. where did youse it? Or is it maybe one that was shown in VT wonen? I can think of one with a high dark wall and one with these doors out of wood and a huge island in the middle..

    Mr PM’s energy bill will be to high anyway.. I have kitchen plans to but have to wait a bit longer as the boy just moved out the house and I don’t want to knock down the wall between the kitchen and his room yet… But my head is one big moodboard and jumping from concrete floors to old school cabinets and industrial lockers …

  6. Oh god, it’s breathtaking. I love it, and want more. You’ve got so great taste and style. Great weekend to you dear :-)

  7. Yes That is the one I thought about to with the high gray wall.. It brought me to your post about Amsterdam.. I love it how you describe my city with the bikes and the atmosphere… are you coming over friday nite or on the saturday itself!

  8. The Finance Director thinks that if you starve people long enough, they find the creative soulotion [soc kind of] for success…

  9. Hello and thank you for the FB invitation. I too must separate my private FB from that of my blog. Something to do after Easter.

    Loving your home and the way your brother shot it. Très jolie!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    x Charlotta

  10. wow! I’m in love with this apartment!

    I’m waiting similar s¸ofa for our living room too, and I can’t wait for it to arrive :)

    I got link at Vogues Paris.
    Now I’m off to look at other posts on your blog :)

    Following too :)

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