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My home in London {The stairs}

Earlier this week, I was explaining in our e-news that rather than feeling totally depressed coming home after two amazing weeks in the South West of France, we (actually more me than Steve), felt totally inspired when we opened our front door.
You see…the smart cookie that I am, booked decorators in to strip the stairs and paint them in white while we were away. So when we opened the doors onto these gorgeous all-white stairs, it was like walking into our holidays home again.
This wasn’t an easy decision….I have been pondering about white stairs since February and when Steve took off the carpet after a diner en tete-en-tete fuelled with wine, I fell in love with the distressed/industrial look of our stairs a la House Doctor. But the reality is that it is our family home and as much as I love industrial spaces, I had to make a decision.
So this weekend, I’m planning to take a few pics of our new white stairs and maybe have a go at this Ikea hack project Jan posted on Poppytalk to add a touch of blue in our entrance and make our London home even more like a holiday home. Wouldn’t this be good for the soul?…
Below is a photo of the stairs BEFORE they got painted

(C) Photo: Francois Kong
La Tropezienne bag (back next week), New-Zealand type map
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  1. Wow, I love this picture! But I´m sure I´m gonna love the “after”-one too. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Oh my!!!! I never had seen such a complete look at your hall.. it is amazing!!
    Although it looks great I can imagine it looks very fresh being all white.. It is another great picture taken by Francois!

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