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My next DIY challenge is….

Pimping up our kitchen units by Sunday evening!
You can see how it currently looks there. In fact, nothing has changed since it was photographed by Edition Paumes for their London Family Style book last year but to be honest they shot the nice part of the kitchen (high glass ceilings, natural light, French door leading onto the garden). On the right hand side, things aren’t so good….Kitchen units are really old and Steve & I really can’t stand the ugly stone tiles on the floor.
We had our hearts on a polished concrete floor to replace the tiles but we’ve been told that we will need to dig down quite deep for the company to pour enough concrete and achieve a lasting, hard-wearing look. So, I think we are going to settle for painted white floorboards a la Story Deli a few years back to achieve something between the kitchen of Li Edelkoort (below)

this one by the owners of Balthazar’s Keuken, that has rocked my boat for some time

and ultimately this one (shot by Frederic Vasseur), which summarizes everything I like…. concrete and white

But we have the deck in the garden to do first so the total revamp of the kitchen will be for later. In the meantime, I thought, shall I give the units a white coat of paint and then paint the beams in white to emphasize the sense of space or be bolder and paint everything (and I mean everything as in the units!) in black like this kitchen which I really really love!

So as I was not fussed by either the white or black option, the kiwi (Steve) decided for black and I think that with a few “Have a seat” stools in white from House Doctor, a few industrial lights, a new fridge and our French doors opening onto our forthcoming deck, we won’t be too far off this look. At the end of the day, if it turns out a complete disaster, we will just have to wait for the total revamp.
Photos of my DIY pallet table are coming up. I spent 2 hours this am to style the room and ended up with 90% of my shots out of focus because I didn’t know how to use the new lense that my brother made me bought. Now that I have had his instructions, I will try again tomorrow.
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  1. I so enjoyed reading this and I am so looking forward to the result ;) waheee go for it.. I will try to do some DIY as well as I have holidays and finally some time again.

  2. Concrete floors look fabulous Karine but they are SO COLD. I have them and they still strike the cold through them even though they are covered in oak. Paint those floorboards white, I have never regretted doing mine for one moment. Have a lovely weekend. Everything here is going to plan, fingers crossed. Off to Cambridge and London now to do some deliveries, need a change of scene badly :) Have a lovely creative weekend. xx

  3. Hi Di,
    Even with underfloor heating? I’ve wanted concrete floors for so many years :-( but I think it’s harder to get when you do a reconversion rather than building a new house…
    Give my love to Harvey! bises

  4. I am in the process of buying a new home in North London which needs A LOT of work and am finding this blog is my main source of inspiration. Thank you! I am loving the above kitchen and it’s whiteness that gorgeous grey wall. How chic.

  5. I am sure your kitchen would look very nice, by the way the etching above the chesterfield sofa in my living room is one of my pieces, i did it a few years back, when i was doing more printmaking, I would love to carry on but need to get access to a studio with the presses. i will organise and open house/studio at home around dec, will keep u posted of dates, in case u would like to join us for cake and tea and will show you the other pieces.

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