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{New Sponsor} BRUME Decorative window film for your home

I’m very happy to introduce my new sponsor BRUME because I’ve been using their products long before they became a sponsor so that’s one company I can definitively vouch for!
When we moved into our new home, everything was looking a lot different…
As you can see from these photos published in London Family Style by Edition PAUMES, the walls were magnolia and there were shelves on each side of the mantelpiece. What you can not see is that there was also some heavy, old eggshell curtains by the bay window.
In order to modernize the whole room and bring more light in, I got all the walls painted in bright white and I took all the shelves down to let the room breathe (I then replaced the shelves by my B&W family mood board).
I also took the curtains down, replaced the old, drafty windows by new, double-glazing ones and added a BRUME window sticker on the new windows. This allowed us to get more light in the room while maintaining our privacy.
BRUME has a lot of great, modern designs but the one I chose for our lounge was the made to measure one with the star design (you can see a photo of Mila’s Mustache birthday party on their site).
I also used BRUME window sticker on our front door…
The Brume stickers are really easy to apply…I replaced the old glass panels by normal, plain ones and added a frosted film onto it and one with our house no at the top of the door (as seen in MILK magazine). 
Bottom line…if we ever sell the house, it will be dead easy and inexpensive for the next owners to change the look of their front door if they don’t want a pink door (who wouldn’t!!??) or want a more classic look.
I’ve also used BRUME window stickers on our French windows in the bathroom but as we’ve started ripping it apart I can’t really show you anything. So if you are looking at window films or need a practical, easy solution to make your home a bit more private, I highly recommend them and they are very helpful.
I’m off to France to see some cows tomorrow…I’m not kidding! Have a great weekend, I’ll probably be offline until next week

 Photography: Francois Kong | Styling: Karine Kong


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi, Can you please tell us where you got the light fixture shown in your hall in the MILK magazine pictures – its what I’ve been looking for. Thanks.

  2. Great solution when like us, you look out onto the parking lot but above is great city views. Film can mask the bad and highlight the good.

    Your space looks so comfortable and light! Loooove those wideplanks!

  3. We’ve spent an hour on this with my husband… We seriously consider it. The window film options we had studied, a few months ago, were far from being as nice as these. Thank you for the tip.

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