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New Year resolutions in July…ben quoi!?

This morning, I woke up again at 4am (if you want to know why, here is your answer) with lots of energy and the desire to ditch everything* and start again to reconnect with my inner creative self (no I never rest, I will sleep when I’m dead!)

* Resolution no 1: 
Actually do something with these Photoshop tutorials I keep saving on Pinterest

* Resolution no 2: 
Take real photos again rather than being lazy using my iPhone (how many of us fell into this trap?!).
My iPhone is leaving today to travel with my kiwi friend to be fixed in Hong Kong at a reasonable price since I refused point blank to be fleeced by Apple again. This means that I’ll be off Instagram for a while and not glued to my phone which has became, let’s face it, an extension of my arm. 
I could find a replacement phone while mine is getting some TLC but I have decided to go without it for a few weeks as an experiment (which I may regret dearly….). Day 1 and I’m having palpitations…

* Resolution no 3:
Revamp the blog, ditch the old posts & start fresh with a new format, new categories that reflect more the person I am now. I mean I started the blog 8 years ago and obviously as a person I have changed, got older and wiser (si si)
This year alone has been tremendous in personal change when it comes to fitness and health and my approach to life in general. 
I’m now a smoke-free, coke zero-free, gluten-free person and I feel a lot better for it so I would like the new format to reflect this.

I’m thinking having categories like Interiors, Creative projects, Inspiring places to eat & work (to reflect my new contribution in The Simple Things magazine), Fashion (Kids & Women), Some Interviews maybe…

Are you happy with that? Do you have any suggestions, old/new features that you would like to see ?
Do you still want the blog in French & English?
Can you also let me know if the pages download quickly your end and if you have any issues commenting etc…

Many many thx!

*well mostly the blog


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Founder of Award-Winning Concept Store BODIE and FOU (now closed) & Photographer, UK's Top 10 Design blog, mum of one cool surfer, 23 years in London, now living by the beach in France, married to a kiwi.


  1. hi, resolution 3 would be good idea. Your blog is the most inspiring one on my own bloglist. I read every post & many many times I go the old ones through also – I love them all. Please keep it in english!

  2. Thanks Nuppu, I appeciate your feedback. I will definitively keep it in English, my question was more for the French translation..Having been in the UK for 17 years and as we speak English at home, writing in English comes easier to me so sometimes if I lack of time, I don’t necessary translate all the posts in French.

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  4. Well we think you’re doing it to perfection. Layout is spot on, font style/colour works so well. I think refreshing header images is always a good idea, keeping the Bodie logo but playing around with the image perhaps.

    We are with you on Resolution number 1 however..adding this to our summer list of things to crack on with!!


  5. i think your old posts show your journey, no? though i share the desire sometimes to just completely start from fresh…
    i think the category idea is great & it’s lovely that you’re revamping your blog to reflect the new you!

  6. You have a point Sue but do people really bother reading posts I’ve written 8 years ago, I doubt it.

    I think it’s liberating to start over, we are so afraid of changes sometimes and I feel a brand new energy that I want to channel into the blog :-)

  7. I think your posts are all very inspiring and I always want to find out what happens next like a good novel! I personally only read your posts in English. Like you I moved here a long time ago and my French – embarrassingly – has now become my second language, so I vote for English only, although it might not be everyone’s choice. Recently, I am very fond of the challenges, fitness/health tips, recipes and lifestyle (camping/surfing/family trips…) inspiration but I love all your content. As for the layout, I am not sure whether it is feasible but maybe more white space? Less ads? Finally – sorry for the length – resolution 2 rings true to me, I just joined a local photo club so i can improve my pics. I think your blog is brilliant, so please don’t change too much! :)

  8. I know what you mean, been thinking for a long time to delete all these old posts which do not present me at all now 5 years after I began blogging Definatwly time to reorganzie , but I am feeling that for a long time. Curious about the new look … Go girl!

  9. I really enjoy your post about family, trips, food, and fitness, yep:) It’s just really nice to see and hear your personal views and suggestions on something which is unique to you. And sorry I don’t really like ads on blogs that much, maybe just put them onto the side…sorry just a suggestion. Like your blog a lot! x

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