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Norm Architects Furnishing Utopia

Norm Architects Furniture Utopia

Norm Architects Furnishing UtopiaNorm Architects who I have mentioned many times here, here and here have recently taken part in Furnishing Utopia, a collection of 30+ shaker inspired objects featuring work by 11 design studios from 10 cities and 6 countries, channeling the Shaker aesthetic into modern forms relevant to contemporary life.
Saying I’m a fan of their work is an understatement, I love everything they design and their shaker trays is no exception…Norm Architects Furnishing UtopiaIf you are in New-York, these pieces will be shown alongside original artefacts from the Hancock Shaker Village Museum at The Grace Building (1114 Ave of The Americas, 6th & 42nd next to Bryant Park).

The Shaker trays by Norm Architects combine the minimalism found in both Shaker and Scandinavian style with a focus on aesthetics and functionality.
These trays have holes in them which means you can hang them from the ceiling or on your wall and have been tainted with Japanese Sumi ink. What is interesting is that the Japanese have a tradition for trays and baskets in bend wood that is very similar to the ones seen in the Shaker tradition and many of the more philosophical ideas from the shakers are similar to the ones found in traditional Japanese design.

What do you think of these trays? Do you love Norm Architects’ work?


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