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Our bathroom makeover with Tikamoon

our bathroom makeover with TIKAMOON

I’m so pleased to share with you another makeover done in CASA PYLA.

This bathroom makeover and this kitchen makeover were two of the biggest jobs in phase 1 of CASA PYLA.
Luckily, the previous Owners had started renovating the bathroom a bit and it didn’t look as bad as the kitchen. However, it was far from being finished.

Bearing in mind that it was only a 3-month project before we take everything apart and move the bathroom somewhere else, I did everything I could to create a modern, bathroom for people staying in CASA PYLA over Summer.

The bathroom before

Here is how the bathroom looked when we bought the house.

The previous Owners had already re-tiled the walls with these dark grey tiles below (which was lucky!), but a strip of tiles was missing all around the room.
The walls and ceiling were painted in an old pale green and had a few holes.
Last but not least, there was no shower screen, bathroom floor, tap or shower fitted.

What did I do?

First, I filled up the holes with this product (really good and easy to apply!). Linda, who was helping me on this reno project, painted the walls with the Dulux Valentine Colour Resist paint in pure white.

I managed to source the same grey tiles from Leroy-Merlin and outsourced the tiling.

For the floor, we used this beautiful Comporta rubber flooring from the Colourflooring Company.

Quality is fantastic. It is a material which is much thicker and better quality than vinyl flooring but it is also double the price.

If your budget permits it, I highly recommend you go for the rubber flooring. However, vinyl flooring from the Colourflooring company is great too.

We used this Antelope grey vinyl flooring for the other three small bathrooms upstairs and they still look good although I suspect they were used far less than the master bathroom.

Both are easy to clean and my Builder fitted the rubber flooring in the master bathroom in half a day.

NB: Normally, you would fit the rubber flooring first and then lay the tiles on top to avoid leaks. I initially thought I would have a go at doing the floor myself and hired someone to finish the tiling. Then I realized it was a much bigger job than I expected for someone like me with no experience and I chose to concentrate on things I was good at (i.e. plastering & electricity).

Then I discovered TIKAMOON on Instagram and was smitten by all their beautiful furniture made of sustainable wood.

At first, it was their garden sets that caught my attention. The one in our home in Cazaux needed to be replaced and I really loved the minimalist line of this Arno set with benches.

Then I discovered a whole range of beautiful furniture like these sideboards and these bed heads. Isn’t this rattan bedhead really beautiful!?

For the master bathroom, I was after a natural and timeless-looking bathroom unit with plenty of storage. Tikamoon had plenty to choose from here.

Our bathroom has a decent size and a spacious Italian shower. However, I still wanted a unit not too deep so we could circulate easily.

The model I chose from Tikamoon is the Easy Solo model made of oak.

Colourwise, it’s lighter than on my pictures but then darker than the pictures on the Tikamooon website here.

It comes with an integrated basin which is very handy and has two large deep end drawers. There is also plenty of storage in the upper part.
The Easy model is also available in a larger size here and with a black stone basin here.

It’s a well-made piece of furniture that looks equally nice against a light or dark background and luckily, the old Habitat mirror I had, was matching perfectly.

Comporta rubber flooring from the Colourflooring Company | bathroom unit & lavabo from TIKAMOON

I was not so keen on the stripes of white & purple mosaics in the shower area (I hate purple) but this being a 3-months project, I had to make do with it.

To modernize the space, we fitted black shower fittings and I found this black towel rack in Leroy-Merlin.

And that’s about it!
I hope this will provide you with ideas and inspiration, whether your project is a short-term one like mine or a long-term one.

If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom, I highly recommend you look at the rubber or vinyl flooring. It is a great alternative to floor tiles and a lot softer.
You can also read about the other bathroom makeover I completed a few months ago in our home in Cazaux.

As usual, I’m available to answer any of your queries in the comment box below and I would also LOVE to hear what you think.

Our home in Cazaux (#cazauxbeachliving) and CASA PYLA are both available for rentals. Feel free to email me at leblog (at)bodieandfou(dot)com.

Credits: Styling & photography: Karine Köng Photography

This article is posted in partnership with Tikamoon and The Colourflooring Company and contains affiliates links.


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