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Our guest bedroom makeover with plywood

This is the 3rd bedroom makeover I’ve tackled in our home in France since we left London and moved back to France.

This room used to be a guest bedroom with a double bed and was decorated with pretty French vintage lights (for sale here).

When we started living full time in what used to be our holidays home, I changed things a bit to suit our new living requirements.

I first moved the two single mattresses out of Mila’s bedroom and replaced them by a comfortable super king mattress from EVE to make sure the ever-growing teen she is, would get good sleep.

You may have seen the whole room makeover already but if you haven’t, you can read about it here and here for a desk area makeover.

A bedroom makeover with plywood

New bedroom with beautiful, soft linen from Le Monde Sauvage and a gorgeous pendant light by George Store.

New living arrangement

Steve now works in London again and sometimes works from home on Mondays and Fridays. As I seem to talk too much when we both work from the dining table, he set himself up a little home office in that guest room.

This was fine but the room was starting to look like the place everything got dumped (do you have a room like that at home!?).
As I hadn’t decorated this bedroom for over ten years, I decided to give it a fresh coat of paint and re-designed the room so it could double up as a nice guest room and home office.

My inspiration

I’ve always been a big fan of plywood.
Do you remember this garage converted into a Summer house!?
What a visual treat it was!!
If you love plywood, click here to read all the articles I wrote about interiors featuring plywood in some way or another. I also have a board on Pinterest here that you can follow.

For our guest bedroom, my inspiration was the bedroom Photographer Anna Malmberg designed for her son Sonny.

I only saw a few details on Anna’s Instagram but I just loved the whole vibe, colour and it was the kind of relaxed vibe I wanted to give to our home which is often rented out in Summer.Mood board for a bedroom makeover with plywood

Built-in storage/bed base

The other thing I wanted to tackle is adding extra storage. I have mentioned this before but as a holiday home, our house was not rich in storage so I’ve added extra storage in ALL the rooms!!

Kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, hallway, you name it…there is storage everywhere now! And there is storage in that room too.

As I’m planning to create a proper working area for Steve in September, I reconfigured the space so we could still have two single mattresses but a lot more space.

The solution was to get some built-in plywood storage units going from wall to wall, which would double up as bed base.

Luckily the width of that room was the exact dimensions needed to fit two single mattresses head to head, which saved me from getting new foam mattresses cut.

A bedroom makeover with plywood

A built-in plywood bed base doubling up as storage unit

For this kind of project, you will need to get plywood from a Specialist shop and get the type of plywood, Architects use in interiors. The plywood available from a DIY store may not be suitable or much more expensive if it’s the right one.

Once the base was built, I re-painted the walls with Pure White Colour Resist paint by Dulux Valentine. A paint I have always found easy to apply and most importantly (for me!), it gives me the pure white I’m after and it’s washable.

Stonewashed bed linen

I have been working with a lot of linen companies over the years but few have a large choice of unusual colors if you are after things other than white, grey, or pink.
These stonewashed linen are from Le Monde Sauvage. A French brand that has 5 shops in Paris, one of them being right next to the MERCI concept store. If you don’t know about them, please check them out next time you’re in Paris.

The softness of their linens is unbelievable!!
I mean, Le Monde Sauvage has a lot of amazing, muted colours which fire up my imagination to redesign more rooms but the softness of the linen when I unpacked them, really took me by surprise.
I think I didn’t pay attention when I was in the shop because I was listening to Beatrice, the Owner, telling me how the company was created by her parents in 1970.
I love family businesses with a legacy and I found the whole thing and her journey fascinating.

Le Monde Sauvage stonewashed linens are beautiful but they have other things that I love like handmade wallpapers and charpoï beds.A bedroom makeover with plywood


I took the French vintage wall lights (for sale here) and replaced them by two modern, white wall lights from Its About Romi. It’s a Dutch brand I used to stock when I was running the BODIE and FOU concept store and I always loved their lighting designs which are modern yet affordable.

This model is called Biarritz and comes in two sizes. It is also available in black and I loved its design so much that I fitted a pair of black ones in CASA PYLA.
Mine is the short model REF Biarritz/W/W (arm is 40 cm long). You can find a list of shops stocking Its About Romi designs here.

A bedroom makeover with plywood

Biarritz wall light by Its About Romi & stonewashed linen from Le Monde Sauvage

I also replaced this vintage French chandelier by this truly wonderful new creation by Georges Store.

For those who have been following me since the shop days, you may remember this gorgeous teepee I had styled in 2014. They were so popular at the same and such a great thing for a kid’s bedroom.
Mylène, the Designer behind Georges Store has now stopped making them but she has moved onto designing new, beautiful things for your home like this Suspension Pale.

Mine is the Pale S which is the perfect size for our bedroom but it also exists in a larger size here.A bedroom makeover with plywoodA bedroom makeover with plywoodSuspension light used in a bedroom makeover with plywood

I’m really in love with this suspension light and so pleased with it. It’s such a beautiful, poetic design.
Please note that the light does not come with a ceiling rose. It took me a little while to work out how to hang it until I bought a nice ceiling rose with a wooden part from Leroy-Merlin. Small detail but I wanted a ceiling rose that would match the beauty of this suspension light.

I have since then discovered that the Pale suspension light is available in a GOR-GEOUS raffia version here. This would be perfect for CASA PYLA, don’t you think?

BEFOR & AFTER: A bedroom makeover with plywood

The bedroom BEFORE & AFTER

And that’s about it.
All the other items are things I have at home and move from one room to another regularly.

Our home is available for rentals here or you can email me directly at leblog (at)bodieandfou(dot)com to save on Airbnb fees.
Please also check #cazauxbeachliving.

Source list:
Mustard Stonewashed bed linen [gifted] from Le Monde Sauvage
Biarritz walls [gifted] from It’s About Romi
Pale Suspension light [gifted] by Georges Store

Credits: Styling & photography: Karine Köng Photography


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    Tres beau résultat Karine et merci pour les informations détaillées.
    Quelle épaisseur de contreplaqué avez-vous utilisé et où les avez-vous achetés ? Merci

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