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Our London home in NZ HOUSE & GARDEN

Our London home is being featured in the July issue of NZ House & Garden!

I love it when we are in an Australian or New-Zealander magazine. 
We have so many friends and family over there, it makes the feature a bit more special.
Mila made me laugh when she read the feature…

Mila: “I love how my bedroom looks on the picture…”
Me: “Yes me too! That how it looks when your bedroom is tidy!”
Do you think she got the message??#livinginhope

Les photos de notre maison londonnienne sont parus dans l’édition de Juillet de NZ House & Garden!

J’adore quand nous avons un article dans un magazine Australien ou Néo-Zélandais. Nous avons tellement d’amis et de famille la-bas, que cela rend l’article un peu plus spécial.
Mila m’a bien fait rigoler quand elle a lu l’article…

Mila: “J’adore ma chambre comme cela dans le magazine…”
Me: “Oui moi aussi! C’est comme cela qu’elle est quand elle est rangée!”
Vous croyez que le message est passé?? #livinginhope “Les enfants sont formidables”

//Photography: Michael Paul who had alreday shot our house in France a few years ago (click here for more features of our home and here and here)


  1. Anonymous says

    Your home is very beautiful. I was wondering how u manage to keep all the white in your house so pristine looking? I mean obviously for a shoot you made it look the best but doesn´t all the white make cleaning difficult?

  2. Well…all the white have been painted with waterproof paint so when they get scuff marks, they are easy to clean up and the linen cover on our sofa is removable and washable.

    I tend to wash it once a month and definitively before a photoshoot:-)

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