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Our Nivito brass kitchen tap and brass sink

Our Nivito brass kitchen tap and brass sink

Today, let me tell you all about our NIVITO brass kitchen and brass tap which I think, have added a touch of luxury to our new kitchen in CASA PYLA.

As you may have seen from the various images of our kitchen posted on Instagram here, and here, this is the first time I do not design an all-white kitchen like the one we did in our home in London or our recent white kitchen makeover in our Airbnb home in France.

Right from the beginning when I started thinking about how to transform this old, derelict house, I was drawn to natural tones.

The house is located a 2-minute walk from a sandy beach, surrounded by pine trees. The connection to nature and its surroundings feels really strong.
You can feel the ocean in the morning, the smell of the trees, and watch squirrels jumping daily from one tree to another while sipping a cup of tea.

Phase 1 of the renovations

As you may know, redesigning a kitchen is not a cheap process. You have to make sure you will be happy with the tones you choose for at least the next ten years, right!? After over 16 years of white kitchens, I wasn’t sure I could live with a kitchen with a different tone.

I used phase 1 of the renovations to experiment with darker tones, textures and designed this warm-tones kitchen which we have now, moved into the CASA PYLA studio (more of this later).
Needless to say that I absolutely loved those natural tones. It gave me the inspiration to crank up my natural kitchen concept a notch!

Phase 2

Once we moved the kitchen area to the front of the house to face the garden and get more light in, I went for these beautiful walnut tones kitchen fronts by Plum-Kitchen which I love.Warm tones kitchen in CASA PYLANivito brass faucet and brass sink at CASA PYLA

To add warmth and a touch of luxury, I selected this beautiful brass kitchen faucet and brass sink from Nivito.

Quality brassware and minimalist design are something you will struggle to find in any high-street DIY store. I searched high and low for those until I came across Nivito on Instagram.

Nivito is a Swedish brand and as you can expect from a Scandinavian brand, it excels in combining function and minimalist design.
All their brassware comes with a ten-year guarantee and they deliver worldwide offering free delivery on orders over 250 euros.Nivito brass tap in CASA PYLANivito brass faucet and brass sink at CASA PYLA

I definitively had a sense of quality when I unpacked the goods. And I’m delighted with the minimalist design of the brass tap.
Minimalist taps are something high-street stores always try to do but never succeed I think. The parts are often too bulky or they add a “modern” detail that just ruins the whole thing.

Nivito brass sink at CASA PYLA

Nivito has various kitchen sink sizes but I opted for the Nivito 550.
In London, we had a large white Corian sink which looked great. However, it was a pain to keep clean as the food was always staying on the edges.
In France, the previous sink we had, was too small to soak large dishes. The 550 is the perfect size for our needs.
Practical tip: check the internal and external dimensions of your sink to ensure it fits within your kitchen cabinet.

Like any stainless steel sink, the brass sink loses its silk finish to become matte. I have yet to contact Nivito to see if they have a specific product to clean it.

This article is posted in partnership with NIVITO and may contain affiliate links.



CASA PYLA is a creative residence available for Summer rentals and shooting/filming. It is located two minutes’ walk from the beach in Pyla-sur-Mer (45 min drive from Bordeaux airport). Facing Cap-Ferret, CASA PYLA is located in a very leafy area and if you go for a walk on the beach, you will get a stunning view of this beauty.

If you wish to book CASA PYLA, for your holidays or for a photoshoot, feel free to email me at [email protected]


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