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Our pared-down & natural London home in Grazia

Our pared-down & natural London home in Grazia

I never got around to share with you the new pared-down and natural look of our London home after the renovations (you can see various stages of the renovations here).

We have since then, sold the house, moved to our holiday home in France where I started more renovations (see the rooms I’ve already tackled here)

Luckily, we managed to squeeze a photo shoot with Photographer Michael Paul who had already photographed the house for ELLE DECORATION before the renovations and the new house got featured in Grazia UK (yeah!!).

As many of you reside outside the UK, I have managed to get hold of the pdf to share the whole feature with you…

Downstairs, we gave the existing grotty kitchen a massive makeover (read all about it here), painted the brown beams in white and added a large floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the garden.

The latter is one design feature that I will do again.
Being able to watch the changes of the seasons was beautiful and very special (see what I mean here and here and more under this hashtag).

Handmade ceramics on display add warmth & textures to your home

The metal shelf in the bottom left corner came from a vintage store in Hammersmith.
After thinking for a split second to get rid of it, I used it to display my collection of handcrafted ceramics.

Some ceramics are from Zakkia Homewares, some are vintage and some are from H&M Home. like this stoneware milk jug & this gorgeous stoneware salad bowl which I love.
Inexpensive but so pretty!!

A pared-down & natural London home in Grazia


In the lounge, we opened up the wall between the front and back room and got rid of one chimney.
A very dusty job. However, one that contributed to creating the open-plan, minimalist room, filled with natural light we aimed to achieve.

Below, the black turning coffee table was from Amara and the Moroccan rug from Larusi, a company that specialises in genuine Berber rugs -pricey but incredibly soft and beautiful-
If you haven’t quite the budget, MADE has some great rugs here.

The large Koushi pendant light was from my shop. However, I will sell two of the small versions soon as I’m redecorating our lounge in France.

The two beautiful LCW chairs in natural ash by Vitra are from here

A pared-down & natural London home in Grazia

In our previously all-white bedroom, I introduced textures with soft furnishing, stonewashed linen and natural wood decorative objects.
You can see more pictures of our bedroom after its makeover in this article.

Our mattress, which you can not see is the Super King original mattress from EVE (spacious & super comfy).

The natural wooden side tables by our bed are currently in the sale here.
The long wooden necklace was made by my mum (beautiful isn’t it!?) and the stonewashed linens on my bed are from Cultiver.

A pared-down & natural London home in GraziaA pared-down & natural London home in Grazia


Our tadelakt bathroom is one of my favourite design projects.

It was a dream of mine to have a tadelakt finish. I thank Steve for giving me free rein on this project (he had free rein on his home office) #concessionsiskeytoahappymariage :-)Tadelakt bathroom: A pared-down & natural London home in Grazia

The grey bath towels are from The White Company.
All the pretty body care bottles are from Compagnie de Provence and I saw today that they are going to be stocked in END‘S first flagship store in London.

The Corian bathtub and basin are by Antonio Lupi and were flipping expensive!
Since then, I found a similar basin design but more affordable for our bathroom renovations in France. I will share details with you soon.

A pared-down & natural London home in Grazia

I think I have covered pretty much everything.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Or if you love what I did with the house, please leave a comment too :-)) I love reading them.

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  1. Ina Warda says

    Your home is so so beautiful! You
    have the right feeling how a home
    looks cosy and comfortabel. I really
    love every picture from you. You are my
    Inspiration 💕

  2. Susana says

    Beautiful, Karine! I love the earthy tones you use all the time, very different from my aesthetic but I still admire your taste so much. Great post, keep on posting :)

  3. Debora says

    Keep on posting! I’d like your style and way of photographing! Loves, Debora

  4. Sarah says

    Love it all! But especially the picture window and that amazing bathroom! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Voilà ! je suis revenue exprès sur l’article ( apres l’avoir lu en entier hier) pr te laisser un commentaire :-) c’est vraiment très joli ! chanceux sont les nouveaux propriétaires !
    Questions : instagram account/stories lapel/les oeufs :-)) j’ai l’impression que l’audience aujourd’hui se limite à de l’instagram scroll plutot que de lire l’info à la source ..
    En tous les cas , continue à nous inspirer tu le fais si bien ! -) Merci Karine

    • Et je t’en remercie! Je sais bien et c’est pour cela que de temps en temps je fais une petite piqure de rappel parce que mine de rien cela me prend beaucoup de temps d’écrire les articles et de les traduire en français, alors que laisser un com’ ne prend même pas une minute :-))

  6. Loving the whole blog article ! Was a bit rushed to read it yesterday. You are such an inspiration!

  7. Ive bookmarked this! Oh Karine what a stunning place!
    So inspiring, I’ve now added more things to my never ending wish list. It’s so nice to see your London home is greater detail. And I LOVE what you’re doing to your place in France. I really am enjoying watching you on your new journey. Thank you for being so inspiring and giving us such visual delights ❤️

  8. I’m so impressed that you can pour so much love and attention and care into making a beautiful home and then move on to the next one. Creators gotta create.

  9. your properties look so amazing and clutter free. I just can’t get rid of the stuff. Thank you for all your links too.

    • I go through stuff (paper, clothes, cupboards) on a regular basis and take bags to the local charity shop or sell them on Ebay. I grew up in a very cluttered home and my tolerance level for clutter is now very minimal hahaha

  10. Breda McEnaney says

    I really love what you have done in your home. Thank you for sharing so much.

  11. Louise C says

    Je me rappelle le tadelakt de la salle de bain. Je faisais les rénos chez moi ou à veille de les faire et j’ai fait de la recherche pour savoir ce que ça impliquait. J’étais frustrée parce que, à moins de vivre à Montréal, j’aurais pas trouvé quelqu’un pour le faire en région.

    • Oui je comprends très bien ta frustration. J’ai du faire de nombreux choix différents en France car je ne trouvais pas les Artisans qui pouvaient faire ce que je voulais…mais bon on a fait avec

  12. Sara from Grey September says

    Oh Karine what a beautiful house! All the hearts eyes for the home accessories and details too. I look forward to seeing the results of your ‘next project’. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Mark Jones says

    Those designs are all wonderful and amazing. I will be back again soon to check more updates on your page. Thank you so much for sharing your article.

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