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Overcoming self-doubt

How to deal with self-doubt

How to deal with self-doubtI can’t tell you the number of times I looked at these photos of La Salie in the Bay of Arcachon, wondering if they were worth sharing.
To this date, I still don’t know but I have decided to let go. Self-doubt is a bummer isn’t it!?
I wasn’t convinced you could take something away from a ‘travel post’ about La Salie although it is such a beautiful spot, I really wanted to share it with you.
Saying this, I’m hoping that you will take away something completely different…solutions to deal with self-doubt.

Since I’ve gone freelance, I had a few days like today.
Writing a new book of our lives is never easy, not impossible but always a bit challenging and certainly something that will take us out of our comfort zone, which is why I loved Courtney’s interview so much and I have zero-tolerance for women criticising other women online. So how we do this!?

First, it is important to remember that once in a while, we are all plagued with self-doubt and like procrastination it is something that really feels like a waste of time, energy and leaves a bitter taste.
It doesn’t mean that you’re useless or bad at what you’re doing. Having self-doubt means you are human and I like to think there is a beauty in this, a temporary fragility that will make us stronger.La Salie beach, Bay of ArcachonLa Salie beach, Bay of ArcachonI once posted my own version of the Creative Process. It’s far too early in the day for no 6 and I’m no-where near no 1 or 3. In fact, I’m on no 7: it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if it’s irrelevant or un-inspiring, what does matter is that we let go of trying to get it right each time. It’s just impossible to achieve great things constantly and it’s ok.

Let go of things, of the rules in your mind, just throw yourself out there and see what happens…Yes you may think what you’ve done is not good enough, maybe it isn’t but maybe it is….You don’t know this until you’ve shared things and if what you’ve done is really not good enough, what does it matter?! I often found that the day I procrastinate a lot is often followed by an extremely productive evening. Think of self-doubt as what you need to then achieve great things afterwards.

Use whatever you have inside you to do things. Some of the best love songs have been written on the back of despair, hurt and sadness. Use all your emotions to fuel your creativity.

Steve once told me to be like a reed by the river, a plant that gets pushed around a lot by the weather but never breaks (yes…falling in love with him 19 years ago was no mistake). I’ve always loved the image of the reed that bends but never breaks, the same way I use the analogy of the seasons to deal with things in Life (loss, grief, happiness…). Nothing is permanent, everything else comes and goes and it is important to embrace this. La Salie beachLa Salie beach, Bay of ArcachonSo here we go…this post about La Salie has landed in a totally different direction but I hope, going forward, you will look at self-doubt in a completely new light :-)

If you come for a weekend in the Bay of Arcachon, I hope you can make it to this beautiful spot which is not far from the Dune of Pyla.


  1. I feel this all the time, even though I grew up with the mantra “feel the fear and do it anyway” passed on to me by my mother. There are so many things on the list of must-accomplish achievements this year but it’s kicking out that negative voice that’s half the battle in getting there. That said, I agree in that you need to have some of that doubt to push past it, you know? It shows that it’s important to you…

  2. I love this post! I find you very inspiring actually and wonder why would ever have any self doubt! I also love your last post on de cluttering … I’m so enjoying your blogs xx

    • Thanks Sam! Recently, I have been having self-doubts or a procrastinating day at least once a week :-)) I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m embarking on a new path and I need to find my marks but it’s doing my head in….and being able to watch House of Cards again on Netflix without being interrupted doesn’t help!! hahaha

  3. Barbara says

    Thanks for all your posts, they resonate so much with where I’m at… Keep doing what you do, you do it beautifully!

  4. I can so relate to this.I`ve been taking photos since I was 16 and always wanted to get my pictures out there somehow and now, at 56…I`m finally taking that first step.If it doesn`t go well,thats ok too cause its a passion of mine and love it so much I could never stop doing it.Loving your blog……its beautiful and inspiring and one I return to over and over again!

    • Thanks for your kind words Mel. I’m so pleased to hear photography is a passion of yours. I love it too, especially portrait and this year, I really want to achieve good things with it. I don’t know why but I think it will be an important part of who I become in the years to come.

  5. Tery says

    Thank you for your blog! Your posts are beautifully done and very inspirational.

  6. Your pictures a beautiful! I love your blog, life’s a journey, self doubt is part of our learning, everything we feel is there to teach us something about ourselves. That’s life ????

  7. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Dear Karine,

    Wonderful Post and pictures -yet again I ponder if you have a secret talent of mindreading as this post landed in the core if a feeling here. I certainly walk off with a good feeling from reading it. Thanks for sharing your journey and philandering thoughts… Never boring????????

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