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Pack what you want…ermm but not quite

Packing Mila’s suitcase… 
Me: “Can you put in a pile all your favourite Summer dresses please….Non, not this one, I don’t like it
Mila: “But it’s my favourite one and your maman bought it for me
Me: ““Yeah I know but I don’t like it
Mila: “What!!??? You’re saying you don’t like what your maman bought! I’m gonna tell her
New-Zealand D-2
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  1. hah! this is the time you have to take care what you say ;)
    You must be trilled to be able to go there soon ;) It must be so sunny!

    I thought you would go in januari doh!

  2. I’m sure Steve will be waiting for me with running shoes at the airport :-) but that’s the plan, sleeping, running, eating healthily and losing all the flipping weight I’ve put on over the past 2 months eating in front of my computer

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