At BODIE and FOU, we try to be as environmentally friendly as we can be. There is still plenty of room for improvements but we are already doing our bit for the planet by recycling most of our office and warehouse waste: cardboard, paper, plastic, cartridges and glass are all sent for recycling. And when it comes to packaging, we also use Eco-Flow biodegradable loosefill and new cardboard boxes made out of recycling paper.

BODIE and FOU eco-friendly tips to do your bit for the environment at home:

* Don't leave your computer, hi-fi or TV on stand-by at home or in the office as they are still using 25% of their power.
* Ditch the plastic bags at the supermarket and treat yourself with one of our gorgeous canvas bags from Famille Summerbelle or Rob Ryan or get a lovely straw shopping basket next time you are on holidays in France!
* Get fit, cycle to work/run or alternatively convert your car to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), also called Autogas. Your car will also be a lot cheaper to run!
* Do not use a dryer and instead hang your clothes to dry with these gorgeous and quirky Bird Clothes pegs

* Switch your electricity account to a totally renewable supplier (check out the Good Energy website)
* Use eco-friendly cleaning products or even better go back to grandma's tips (i.e. use boiled white vinegar to remove limescale)
* Use energy-saving bulbs everywhere you can and reduce your electricity bills in the process
* Buy your grocery from local markets or loose from the supermarket and stay away from anything that is unnecessarily packaged in plastic.
So that's BODIE and FOU's green ethos in a nutshell...If you have more eco-friendly tips you would like to share, please email us at thegirls(at)bodieandfou(dot)com

UK Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations (SI 2006 No.3289)

If you are buying an electrical item from us, you can now recycle your old electrical with us.

Why recycle?
Unwanted electrical equipment is the UK's fastest growing type of waste. Many electrical items can be repaired or recycled, saving natural resources and the environment. If you do not recycle, electrical equipment will end up in landfill where hazardous substances will leak out and cause soil and water contamination - harming wildlife and also human health.

We can help?
We are pleased to offer our customers the chance to recycle their old electrical items. To do, please send back your old appliances to our Head Office and we will recycle the item on your behalf.

C/o Recycling
231 The Vale, Acton
London W3 7QS

To remind you that old electrical equipment can be recycled, it is now marked with a cross-out wheeled bin symbol. Please do not throw any electrical equipment (including those marked with the crossed out wheeled bin symbol) in your bin.

What is WEEE?
The Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requires countries to maximise separate collection and environmentally friendly processing of these items. In the UK, distributors (including retailers) must provide a system which allows all customers buying new electrical equipment the opportunity to recycle their old items free of charge. For more information on WEEE recycling and locate your local recycling centre, please visit


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