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Parisian inspiration

Parisian inspiration

I’m in Paris for a couple of days with a program including editing recent shoots, catching up with friends and working in my PJs from the comfort of my sister’s beautiful flat.

Elodie is having a new kitchen fitted in a couple of weeks and even her flat is filled with Ikea brown boxes, it still feels very peaceful.

I’m currently working on revamp project for our home in London which is being photographed on the 20th November. Not much time left to do everything but I’ve never backed down in front of a challenge.

I’m leaning towards softening the look of our lounge with natural materials, texture and handmade things. If you know a few great Ceramists in the UK or ceramic retailers, please let me know.

Also, if you’re coming to Paris soon, know that the Salon de la Photo is on. Sadly, I will miss it because I’m flying to Switzerland on a press trip on Thursday to visit Vitra and given how many vintage Vitra pieces I own, it is one visit I’m very much looking forward to.

Please, feel free to follow me on Instagram and watch my stories while there, I will do my best to share the experience with you.

From left to right clockwise: 1. Est Living | 2 & 3. Karine Kong Photography | 4. Amanda Rodriguez

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  1. Nadia Wohlwend says

    Bonjour Karin,
    Concernant la céramique, j’ai découvert il y a quelques mois une ravissante petite boutique à Hampstead qui se nomme Maud and Mabel et qui propose une très jolie sélection, j’ai en particulier flashé sur les pièces de Mitzuyo YAMASHITA .
    Bravo pour votre blog dont je suis une fidèle lectrice.
    Bon dimanche

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