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Parma Lilac

This is the calming, minimalist home of Interior Designer of Janie Jackson, who has turned her Notting Hill home into a showroom for her online shop Parma Lilac (one of my favourite online stores)
In a few seconds of madness a few years ago, I thought we ought to do the same with BODIE and FOU :-) I liked the idea of having people around….Steve not so much….not that he doesn’t enjoy having people around but having gone through the first year of trading, operating the business from home and having all our stock in every single room of our flat, by the time we moved the business into a warehouse a year later, there was no going back EVER to mixing work and family life to that extend…except when we are shooting our catalogue and talking of which, we’ve started working on the Summer one so if you wish to receive a copy, click here or follow our progress on facebook


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Founder of Award-Winning Concept Store BODIE and FOU (now closed) & Photographer, UK's Top 10 Design blog, mum of one cool surfer, 23 years in London, now living by the beach in France, married to a kiwi.


  1. This is gorgeous! A great idea, although I doubt I could ever do it.

    I love the blanket on the bed- is it a Moroccan wedding blanket?

  2. this home is beautiful. i like the fact that she barely has something hunging on the walls. mixing family and business can be tricky. especially when they both expand. good luck with your summer catalogue!

  3. Magnificent! I love white on white with a gentle touch of wood. And I do love your blog as well. Good luck with your new catalogue!

  4. lovely photos… do you know if this shop is actually still operating? i have tried emailing and calling several times and never get any response… i could seriously snap up about 90% of their wares!

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