People from the Sea
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People from the Sea

People from the Ocean (C) Karine Candice Köng

People from the Sea (C) Karine Candice KöngStarting surfing a couple of months ago had an unexpected positive impact on my life.

It has allowed me to re-connect with a region I love a lot and where I spent many happy Summers as a child but after dad’s death, I didn’t think I could stay there.
In fact, I was considering selling our holiday home to move away and start all over again somewhere else.

However, spending 2 hours in the ocean twice a week, has provided me with a great deal of inspiration.
There isn’t a single day where the colour of the Ocean is the same.
Sometimes, it’s blue, sometimes green, sometimes there is big waves and other times, a lot of foam but no matter the weather, the temperature of the water or the season, it is always incredibly beautiful and I think this has influenced my photography recently in the most positive way.

So I’ve started a new Instagram account called People From The Sea where I will curate my new passion for surfing and photography and I hope you will enjoy this new account and follow it, as much as you enjoy the BODIE and FOU one which is more about interiors, lifestyle and fashion.People from the Sea (C) Karine Candice KöngPeople from the Sea (C) Karine Candice KöngBig thanks to Nico and Florian for being my unexpected models. If you are coming to the Bay of Arcachon and want to surf, check out Ocean Roots



  1. Michelle says

    Gorgeous photos! Looks a wonderful way of life. All the best with it x

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