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Personal message from 3 kids to their wonderful mum

I think in our family, we are pretty good at telling each other how much we love or piss off each other but Elodie, François and I wanted to say thank you to the wonderful mum you are and for all the things that made a different to our lives and to the people we are now.

BODIE and FOU Founder Karine Kong and her mum
My mum et moi à la plage, Lac de Maguide, August 1973. Elodie was born the year after

Thank you for being a working mother and bringing up Elodie and I to be independent, self-sufficient women.
Thank you for being strong. I know we used to fight a lot when I was a teenager but years later, when I realised that you became a mum at 21 and again at 26 and I had Mila at the age of 35, well.. it really put things into perspective for me…
Thank you for being a lioness when we all needed you and for giving us the benefit of the doubt on some occasions.
Thank you for being (as François put it…) the lighthouse amongst what felt sometimes like massive emotional turmoil…for being there, always, whatever life & people threw at us. Some years were really not easy to go through but you’ve always been the constant thing in our lives, the safe place to come home to.
Thank you for being so creative and opening up our world to sewing, crafts, DIY, flea markets, Liberty prints (François not included) and a lot of other things that in fact, very much shaped our aesthetics and tastes for design, decoration, fashion and photography.
Thank you for driving 121 kms to the hospital every night for a month to spend the night with me when I was hospitalised after a car accident.
Thank you for not making a big deal when I told you I was moving to London 19 years ago and let me live my own life. I know now, as a mother, that any separation from a child whatever age they are, is a killer.
Thank you for sending me birthday wishes on post-it notes because you didn’t have time to get a proper birthday card (it’s very much the thought that counts!). I’m the same…and it makes me laugh thinking about it.
Thank you for embracing grand-motherhood so gracefully (hahaha)…just kidding, you’re doing good now :-)
Thank you for being a Pirate rather than joining the navy*…You wouldn’t believe how much we love this in you…even more now.

And I will not translate this post because you have been coming to London for the past 19 years and I know that you understand English more than you let on and you also said 2014 was the year you were acting as if you were speaking English fluently :-)

We love you…more than you will ever know.
Even if sometimes you do our heads in (si, si…you do), even if most of the time, you’re right about things, even if you always give us your opinion when IT IS NOT required. I repeat…not required! :-) We love you very much and as I have now tears in my eyes thinking about everything we all went through, my fab siblings and I just wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday.
Love from your 3 children xoxo

PS: Could you look sexier and more beautiful on this photo!? I do not think so…

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*Quote from Steve Jobs
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