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Pink Interior details

5 uplifting things to do in pink. Read on >>

5 uplifting decorative ideas in pink. Read on >> www.karinecandicekong.comI find whites very soothing and they calm me down but when I feel a bit under the weather like today (I missed this gorgeous child of mine), I find pink very uplifting.

Just looking at this beautiful pink patio cheered me up.

We have now decided to paint our front door in London in pink again but I think one of our walls in our holiday home in France deserves a pink coat, somewhere! anywhere!

Have you used pink in your home?

If you don’t feel like tackling DIY during the weekend (after all next WE is Mother’s Day in the UK), you can treat yourself to these gorgeous new PJs…I bought a pair two years ago and they are still my favourites.

And I’m loving massively these pink metal lockers…What do you think?5 uplifting decorative ideas in pink. Read on >> www.karinecandicekong.com5 uplifting things to do in pink. Read on >> www.karinecandicekong.com1. Architects Collective | 2. A Beautiful Mess | 3. Words, Speak Gently, PJs by Hush


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  1. J.adore ce rose ds le patio de la 1st photo… On a fait le mur du bassin comme ça ça fait du bien c’est vrai… Mais voyons voir la couleur qui me fait du bien? Le jaune comme les jonquilles du moment, les citrons du jardin ou mon dernier sautoir pour l.ete ;-))
    Belle semaine rose a toi!!

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