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5 tips to curate your Pinterest

Here is my first exciting 2016 new project + a Pinterest tutorial for you with 5 useful tips you need to implement right now…

Do you remember last year I said I would be working on new creative projects this year!? This is it!

Following 10 years of experience, building and raising international awareness on the BODIE and FOU brand, organising brand collaborations with iconic brands like Vipp, The Simple Things magazine in the UK and France and as a Social Media Expert at the Airbnb Conference, I have been working these past few months, on a series of social media and styling workshops.

These workshops will be designed to help independent concept stores and small Designers to achieve organic growth, to gain PR in national and international magazines below and above-the-line like we did for BODIE and FOU, to increase brand awareness, sales and to help you to find your voice through a series of social media and styling workshops so you can connect with your customers.

The first workshops will take place in France and London from March 2016 and I’m super excited!! This has been something I have nurtured and longed to do for a while and I can’t wait to meet you all and share with you all the things I’ve learnt (trials and mistakes too!) while building the BODIE and FOU brand and shop on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course Pinterest!

In the meantime, I recently re-organised my Pinterest boards and put together a little tutorial with 5 things you need to do now to curate your Pinterest board and most importantly, why you should do this on a regular basis.

Why do you need to update your Pinterest cover boards?
In a nutshell…to keep it fresh, relevant and provide attractive content to your audience.
From a business point of view, Pinterest is a great way to showcase your style and aesthetics, your brand (in my case BODIE and FOU), your portfolio (I have a folder for my styling work and press coverage) and if you run an e-commerce site, it is likely to be your most important referrer (check your Google Analytics).
Pinterest is also very useful for improving your SEO (search engine optimization) because you can link back to your website with interesting and relevant content. So first, move relevant boards at the top of your Pinterest (i.e. as you can see, anything to do with December and Xmas is now at the bottom of my boards) and prioritise seasonal content. January is all about the SALE, new resolutions which very often include eating clean and working out so I move these folders at the top.

Pinterest Tip 1: You should aim to change your Pinterest cover boards ideally each month. If you are strapped for time, amend them at least at the start of each season (min. 4 times/year + move things around again pre-Christmas).

Pinterest Tip 2: If you run an e-commerce site, create a folder in the name of your shop + SALE and pin all your discounted items from your website. This will in turn drive back traffic to your site and generate sales.

How to change your Pinterest cover boards?

1/ Log into your account and click edit on the board you would like to change the photo (big pink arrow below).

2/ Click on change (pink arrow) and then you will be able to go through all the pins you filed in this specific folder and select the one you think is most relevant or attractive.BODIE and FOU Tutorials: 5 tips to curate your Pinterest and why you should do these. Read onPinterest Tip 3: As you can see, I have also highlighted the copy you can add in the description. For branding coherence, I use the same on all my boards but if you run an Airbnb business for instance and have created a folder per property you own, you can use the “Description” field to add specific URL or info to each property.BODIE and FOU Tutorials: 5 tips to curate your Pinterest and why you should do these. Read onPinterest Tip 4: Spring cleans your boards and delete some if necessary (yes delete!). If one of your boards has about 5 pins in it for the past 12 months, chances are that this specific folder is not much of interest to you and therefore will be not of interest to your followers with so little inside.

Pinterest tip 5: Amend your bio at the top. The same way, you had the opportunity to add a description to each of your board, you can also add a little biography to give your potential followers what you are about.

How to amend your bio on your Pinterest?

1/ Log into your account. At the top right-hand corner, click on edit profile. Once there, you’ll be able to upload a profile image, add your website URL and your bio (160 characters max.).

2/ If you run an e-commerce website, I strongly recommend you add the HTML code provided by Pinterest and get your website verified.

HOW TO CURATE YOUR PINTEREST AND MOST IMPORTANT, WHY YOU SHOULD...About the BODIE and FOU workshops (IG: #bodieandfouworkshops)…

  • The first workshops will start in March 2016 in Paris, Bordeaux, Bay of Arcachon, Brittany and London.
  • Dates TBC
  • Should you be interested in attending one of our workshops, please subscribe to my E-news and leave a comment below explaining what you would love to learn about and the city/region of your choice (workshops website to follow)
  • Follow me on Instagram, hashtag #bodieandfouworkshops and of course on Pinterest where I will be creating a BF workshops board



  1. Hello Karine,
    I would like to attend your workshop in London as I am keen to learn from your experience; I wish to accelerate the growth of my business- I resigned 2 months ago from my marketing career to launch my own French vintage home decor e-store yesterday (!) and I could do with some precious insight!
    Please can you e-mail me the details of the London workshop when they are available so I can pin that down in my diary ? Thank you so much and I am looking forward to this!

  2. Dear Karine,

    I don’t seem to be able to subscribe to the mailing list, clearly loads to learn! Please could you let me know dates for the London course.
    I have been teaching furniture painting for a year now, and simply love passing on the knowledge, it gives you a warm glow.
    How exciting.
    Nyree x

    • Hy Nyree

      Can you paste this link in a new tab on your browser please

      then all you need to do is entering your email address and name and confirm once you’ve received the email from Mailchimp

      I agree with you. I had such an extraordinary feeling when I taught social media during the Airbnb conference. It was shortly after my dad died so I wasnt in the best of spirit but since I had committed to do it months before I went.

      I came out feeling so inspired! It was such an uplifting experiencing to share things I had learnt but also to see that it was genuinely helped so many people. That really did it for me so I can understand the glow you are referring too :-)

  3. Véronique says

    Bonjour Karine,
    Je suis ravie que vous proposiez en mars des workshop en france . J’admire votre travail et votre esprit et je suis tous vos social médias avec beaucoup d’attention. Je dois dire que vous êtes très performante et inspirante mais toujours avec un style décontracté. Je serais très heureuse de profiter de votre expérience et vous rencontrer.
    Pourriez vous me communiquer les formanités pour suivre ces workshop.
    Merci beaucoup et à bientôt j’espère.

  4. Huge thank you for the Pinterest tips, it is amazing how much I have already deleted and moved! Are you planning any workshops for bloggers in the not too distant future?
    Thank you
    Kate x

  5. Love to learn from an expert about the do’s / don’ts and ins / outs of pinterest and instagram.
    Keep me updated on your workshops in London or Paris.


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  8. Anouchka Lototzky says

    Me too – me too – me too!!! I would also like to attend one of your workshops. I love your style, your life and how you share it with others. My husband and I have developped a product which we would like to launch internationally. We are small but I believe we can grow. For this, I would like to learn from your experience. Hope I can join a workshop in France or in England. We are in Switzerland but Europe is small. A bientôt

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