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Positive personal planners to match your mindset

Fab personal planners from Juniqe

Now that we are well into mid-January, back to work, how do we make this year a productive and positive one?

If you are a check-list person like me, I find that the best way, is to consign all the things you want and need to do in a personal planner following the SMART goal framework:


For instance, as one of my major goals, this year is to make 2018 sugar-free (and I’m talking refined sugars only!), I can easily focus on doing one week at a time and tick each day on the page of my personal planner as a mini success and then cross the whole week as a weekly success.
Week after week, I’m building positive momentum. I write down other things that will help me to achieve this goal (i.e. finding food I really enjoy eating, food that gives me plenty of nutrients, etc).

By the time, you have crossed a whole month, I bet you will be pretty happy with yourself.

There are lots of things that I would like to do this year and I wouldn’t necessarily called them “new year resolutions” but there are things I want to have under my belt. In no specific order, it includes:

  • Learn how to blow dry my hair so I feel more confident on pictures.
  • Improve my skincare routine. It is something I never really cared about…until I see someone with great skin,
  • Improve my make-up routine: I’ve bought my first concealer ever and I’m like “HELLO!!? What on earth didn’t I do this before!?”
  • Meditate 10 minutes a day to keep my mind calm & focused but mostly to keep my shit together,
  • Take more family pictures of the 3 of us and stop hiding behind the camera because of YOLO,
  • Stop eating refined sugars which I don’t really see as a NY resolution but as a continuity of the lifestyle change I have been making for the past five years to improve my wellbeing.
    Also, a mean to an end to achieve my ultimate goal: growing old gracefully & beautifully.
    I also know, for having done a sugar detox last year for 5 weeks, that I will feel much better for it, lose weight, gain confidence and basically will feel a lot better,
  • Write consistently on the blog, articles that you will find useful, inspiring and increase my readership,
  • Keep focusing on having a positive mindset because I really like how it makes my life easier,
  • Avoid negative people and that means on social media too.

A simple goal with a straightforward answer

My only resolution is TO FEEL GREAT. This is fantastically simple.

Whenever I’m confronted with a situation, decision to make or a person, I ask myself “Does it feel great!?” The answer is a straightforward YES or NO.

This year, I found some fantastic, positive personal planners to match my vibe!

The Dear Future I’m Ready personal planner is my favourite because you have no idea how ready I am :-)
I have been listening to a lot of podcasts about gratitude and positive thinking since the week before Christmas. I’m fully pumped up and ready to embrace whatever the world has to offer.Positive personal planners to match your mindset

My second favorite personal planner is the OH YEAH! because it is something I tell myself mentally every time I get excited by a new project…Positive personal planners to match your mindsetLast but not least, there is the YOU GOT THIS personal planner because clearly you and I got this, this year! Positive personal planners to match your mindset

True to her style, Mila went for more beach/surf vibes and got the Beach Love personal planner for herself and I Love The Sea, Milk Pastel Pink for her friends and Pink Flamingos for her cousin Lily.

The great thing about Juniqe, is that all their personal planners are also available as wall art and I used several of them when I did Mila’s desk makeover which many of you loved (thanks again!!).
They also have a lot of home accessories with similar graphics in their living section.

So have a look at their collection and let me know if there is one(s) you love. I would love to hear about the few things you would like to achieve, learn, do this year.

Posted in partnership with Juniqe; all views my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support BODIE and FOU


  1. Caroline says

    Happy New Year Karine! Lovely inspiring post, I always enjoy your positive vibe. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Catherine Allaway says

    Happy new Year Karine :) .

    I will be trying to follow your inspiring non- resolutions as they are similar to mine . Only I haven’t moved forward in many except for dropping my sugar .

    I will aim to think positive and surround myself with positive people to stop this flat feeling I have been feeling these last few years. To be a better person for myself and my 4 girls.

    Listening to podcasts too, I will try and find these as I didn’t even think of these.
    Thanks and you are inspiring and calming and true to read.

    • Hi Catherine

      Happy new year to you too. Giving up sugars is a big thing so well done, you can and should be proud of yourself.

      Check the well-being category on the blog, I’ve written other articles about positive thinking and mentioned the talks of Louise Hay on youtube. She has a very soothing voice and I’m sure she will help you to move on.

      And many thanks for your kind words. Have a lovely weekend xoxo

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