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Prouvé RAW

Steve is a G-Star RAW man which suits me fine because he looks very handsome in their clothes and I love how manly yet stylish their cuts are (which is why the Jules leather bag will be perfect for him!).
We went there on Saturday to get him a new pair of trousers before he flew to New-Zealand and I picked up their in-store mag to see the latest campaign shot by Anton Corbijn but then discover the special collaboration between the Jean Prouvé Foundation, Vitra and G-Star RAW.
Prouvé, a forefather of the modernist movement and trailblazer for the machine age, was a metalsmith, engineer, maunfacturer and architect who in his lifetime would design anything from bookshelves to bicycles to buildings. His success would be in uniting honest materials, functional requirements with the complex demands of mass production.The result of this amazing collaboration between the Prouvé Foundation and G-Star is a collection of 15 pieces that channels Prouvé’s original intentions in terms of quality and functionality while also bringing the designs up to date with new materials and manufacturing technology
This Special Edition was exhibited during the Summer in the Fire Station designed by Zaha Hadid on the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein and is now available in selected Vitra retailers around the world.
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  1. yup G star Is the best … I am totally addicted to their cothes and just got me a nice black jacket the other day… remember Bijenkorf ;)

    At Ell inside I actually had a long chat with the PR lady from Vitra about the G star and Vitra connection.. Head director of G star asked them to design some office furniture for his office… but he got a no at first… then after some time when they discovered he is actually a big Prouve fan and knew everything about them.. So they designed a line especially for his office.

    A post about these at Elle inside is still laying next to my PC because it looked so cool.. just like the clothes ;)


  2. j’adore cette potence… etc’est juste celledont j’ai besoin pour ma biblio d’escaliers a la lezarde… ou peut être celle de House Doktor!

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