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Quick question on party bag….

While putting Mila’s party bags, I realised that it was quite tricky to make little party bags with a WOW factor without either ending up with a lots of crappy things or paying the earth and when you have something like 14 kids at a party, the ‘mum’ in me thinks that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend £100 on party bags so I just would like to know how much you think is reasonable to spend on a party bag and then I will see if we can come up with some really cool and affordable party bags on BODIE and FOU.
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  1. I love antique party bags but for a new one ans for a young girl I would say £25_50 would be right.
    And that is more than I would spend here in Buenos Aires, I would say no more than 20 american dollars.

  2. Always felt that a party is the treat in itself, but gave my daughters friends roses from the garden and cake in a napkin – not very commercial, but there was osmething very sweet about the little girls taking hteir rose home all solemn and proud…

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