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Roxy surf leggings

Roxy surf legging

Have  you seen all these gorgeous surf legging from the Billabong and Roxy collections!?

When Mila goes surfing, she can easily spends between 4 to 6 hours in the water swapping between her surf board and a bodyboard.
The only issue is that she always gets cold after an hour or so. This means that regardless of the season, she always wears a full wetsuit.

When we were in Hossegor a few weeks ago (see on Instagram), I bought her these gorgeous surf leggings from Roxy.

Not only the print is beautiful but she says that they are extremely comfy and warm. I would add that they are also practical and versatile. They are much easier and lighter to carry around than her wetsuit and she has been wearing them ever since…
Each time she goes in the water, being a pool, the ocean or the Lake in Cazaux, they’re on …Roxy surf leggingsI essentially shoot 99% of my photos with a 50mm lens so I can’t catch her when she rides a wave but since we went on the boat last night for dinner and the light was beautiful, I took these few shots of her wearing her leggings.

Don’t you love the print!?Roxy surf leggings Roxy surf leggings Roxy surf leggings Roxy surf leggings Roxy surf leggingsI really love the print but unfortunately these Blingbling”surf leggings are only available in the Roxy kids collection (see matching top here) although if you are a small size like my sister, who got them to teach Bikram yoga, you should probably fit in the 16 years old size.

Personnally, I’m loving these Warhol surf leggings by Billabong and I’ve listed below a few others you may like. Have a gorgeous weekend xoxo

//Photography: Karine Köng Photography | Instagram | Facebook



  1. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Great shots of amazing model.. the leggings are really cool.. love the motive.. wish I could fit a size 16:-)
    Great they’ll keep her warm too.. 👍🏻

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