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Summer ’16 The Edit | Tanned, bruised and sweaty

Skating is a dirty job but someone has to do it

Skating is a dirty job but someone has to do itThe first month of Mila‘s Summer holidays is almost over and boy…we’ve been really busy living and I’m happy with that. With Brexit and Nice, I’m more than ever determined to give my child the happy childhood she deserves and create happy memories she can cherish in years to come.

I have been practising photography a lot which you may have noticed on my Instagram and Mila’s and it has allowed me to gain some peace through the recent events and our first Summer without dad. I still feel tearful when I think about it but photography has given me an escape and has enabled me to focus on the beautiful side of the world and remain hopeful.

I have been watching a lot of tutorials from Creative Live (in English) and Objectif Photographe (in French) and I feel I’ve made some progress since our trip to Portugal but I still have a long way to go. I haven’t tackled digital editing yet but I’m trying to show my face more and do more style & fashion shots. Both are a big challenge.

I’m dying to get the Olympus Pen F which would make my life as a Blogger easier on so many levels but I’ve saved so much to buy myself this Canon Mark III that I’ve decided to not cut corners and learn my camera inside out before I treat myself to another one. It’s so easy to get tempted to the next toy especially when it’s lighter and easier but I feel I need to walk the talk on this and be patient.

Mila has been surfing and skating a lot. Yesterday, she did both back to back and ended up pretty tired, hot and sweaty when I took these shots, yet she still asked for more today.SUMMER ’16 THE EDIT | TANNED, BRUISED AND SWEATYWe are both surfing.
My body is covered with bruises, my fingers hurt from getting tangled in the leash, my hair looks like a mess after 2 hours in salty water but I’m loving it. I have no idea how long it will take me to reach a good level. I seem to spend weeks learning little things and suddenly in one class, every comes together and flows nicely and the day after, I’m useless but it doesn’t matter. I love being by the sea…SO much.SUMMER ’16 THE EDIT | TANNED, BRUISED AND SWEATYI have been using René Furterer protective Summer oil to protect my hair and apply Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse on my face and body at night to restore my skin. This year, I’m SFP 50 all the wayshe says wishing she had started 20 years ago.

How is your Summer going?


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  1. Such a gorgeous girl! this summer I am SPF50 all the way too, and totally agree that I wish I had started it years ago – I feel a bit panicky without it on my face now! It can be so greasy though I use Eucerin mattify – any recommendations?
    Our holiday to France tomorrow was cancelled yesterday (sob) so we are searching for some sun elsewhere, none in Brighton today! Have a lovely summer x

      • Thank you, I wish we had gone to Arcachon in the first place! I’m sure you wouldn’t dream of cancelling someone, but I’m shocked how easy it is for a host to cancel on Airbnb without much comeback, we booked our place on there and all she got was a $100 fine!

        • You should contact Airbnb on Twitter. Each time I had an issue, they were very responsive.
          I think owners are allowed to cancel once before being heavenly penalised in their ratings but maybe they can help you to find something else

  2. Barbara says

    Oui, bonne réponse au Brexit, à Nice, à l’horreur des réfugiés échoués et repoussés… il faut créer de la beauté et la partager ;-)

  3. Karen says

    I love this entry, words which resonate so well at th moment, it was an awfully shocking start to the summer with all the mindless behaviours – callous and cowardly from crazy fanatics and just such big ego trips for so many career politicians here in the UK, lying and scaremongering, not giving any factual information on such an important decision for Brexit….so being able to focus on nurture, encouragement and love for our children is such a positive thing. X

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