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Such an inspiring feedback….

This is the message I found in my in-box this morning:
When everybody boast about Merci, I really think BODIE and FOU is a much greater achievement. It’s inspirational, efficient and generous. I try to find something to criticize because critics are more useful than compliments but at the moment I can’t see any. Keep going on Karine ! 
Your blog and your e-shop are a great source of presents and ideas. And your daily life is always shared with elegance. I must admit I am sometimes surprised by how much Anne and I share some taste and lifestyle habits with you (grey wall for a little girl room, fondness for Bill Granger,….) One thing is sure if you ever come near Lyon tell us !

So well…. THANK YOU!!!!! 
I was trying hard to think if I knew this person if we had met but I don’t think I did so it makes it even more important to me. 


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