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Summer ’16 The Edit | Sea, surf & fun

Sea, Surf & Fun

Week 2 (and last) of our stay in Hossegor and we all feel like we could have stayed here for a month.

The weather has been absolutely amazing and everyone has really enjoyed surfing. We spend days at the beach swimming, surfing and sleeping and then days turned into late nights. If you’ve never been to Hossegor, you should know that Capbreton and Seignosse are really really close and great places to stay too. In fact this Summer, we’ve spent most of our times in Seignosse where our friends were surfing.

However, I can’t believe how crowded it is.
There are about 30 surf schools in Seignosse versus 2 à La Salie (in the Bay of Arcachon) and it’s not a good thing in terms of security.
In the Bay, we can all walk in the water in a line and have our own wave, here it’s impossible. If you’re a Beginner surfer, you will always worry about your board hitting some kids’ head.
Last year, we took a course with Clement from Surf Cactus in Cap-Breton. This year, our friends took a course with Seignosse Surf School at the Penon beach and they are really good too, very professional and highly focused on security.

This morning, Elodie is doing yoga on the beach and I’m waiting for Mila to wake up so we can go to one of our favourite cafés either Meg’s in Hossegor or l’Açai near Les Estagnots, have you been there?Sea, Surf & FunI have bought swimsuits for England this year.
I started the Summer with this beautiful one piece from Hush then this bikini from H&M which wasn’t sa uccess (like it would almost land on my ankles if I was running) and then lately this gorgeous swimsuit (above) which I love. Which swimsuits did you get this year?



  1. I just saw the white “surf” swimsuit and I’m loving it! But the link isn’t working anymore. Could you let me know what brand it is from? Thank you! Kat

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