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Summer ’16

Summer '16 Mila Sienna

Summer '16 Mila SiennaSummer '16 Mila SiennaSummer '16 Mila SiennaMila is on holidays from tonight…

Two months by the beach and for the first time I’ll be with her rather than working in London.
I have tried to work out thousands of options in my head, how I could make this work, how I could make the most of our time together as we may never have another opportunity like this, how I have to breath in and treasure every second I spend with her because in about 7/8 years, she will sail off to University and lives her own life and yet I have to find the time to work. Will see…

I bet you wonder why, let alone how, we are splitting our times between London and France…Well, initially we were supposed to move to Sydney so the idea was that Steve and Mila would live in France for a year to experience French life while I was running my business in London and commuting.
In paper, it all sounded very glamorous. In reality, it wasn’t easy for any of us. Steve was a single father for most of the time and yet did a fantastic job. I was a wreck each time I was apart from them and we all missed each other terribly and painfully.
Then dad died and suddenly, things changed.

I didn’t have the strength to move to the other side of the world and leave my mum alone so we put our plans on hold and agreed to leave Mila in France for another year (maybe more) because that’s where she was the most happy. To this day, things haven’t fallen into places yet but we are getting used to it.

Kind of…During our last trip to London, I’m ashamed to say that I cried when I walked into our beautiful home and cried when I left…emotional much huh!

For someone who has always plan her life and know where she wanted to be, these recent months have been “interesting”. Living in France was certainly not part of my plan and I have no idea what the future holds for us or where we will end up living but then who does!?  For the time being, this is our life and as unsettled as it can be and not hugely practical, we are making the most of it, spending more time in one country than another depending on the season.
Right now as the sun is shining and I spend my days in shorts and t-shirt, I couldn’t see myself in London. I would miss running through the forest by the lake in the morning, driving my Mehari for my weekly surfing lesson, having diner at the beach and taking friends to the coolest beach bars for a drink yet in Winter, when the town goes to sleep and cool places close down, I crave for London’s cafés, our brunches in Chiswick or Notting Hill, meeting friends in some nice, visually inspiring bars, buying flowers from Columbia Road, spending sundays in Bricklane and shopping somewhere else than H&M and Decathlon.

So here to new Summer adventures, to create new memories, make new friends, live new experiences and have fun….Wishing you a happy Summer whether you have plans or not ;-)Summer '16 Mila SiennaSummer '16 Mila SiennaSummer '16 Mila SiennaMila wears the Olympe top from Nils Happy To See You (not a sponsor) and I took these photos with the Canon EOS 5D at the Lake near our holidays home.

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  1. barbara says

    Thanks for sharing Karine. Never easy to live between places -always one part missing … although perhaps one way to cope is to remember that nothing is permanent and that you are only spending more time somewhere ^for now^. Your Mila is lucky to be growing up in such a beautiful place though (and to have access to the vibrancy of London too). My children live the reverse life in a way (in London but with holidays in the french countryside and croatian seaside)… and i am not always sure whether it’s the best option – but i think it works, for now, at least.
    Beautiful photos of a beautiful ‘child’!

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