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Plaftorm wedges & maxi dress

Plaftorm wedges & maxi dress

I recently received these platform wedges which I ordered from Nordstrom and I wanted to tell you about it because I’m really loving them.

Last year, after admiring Sincerely Jules legs wearing these gorgeous wedges, (and secretly hoping I would get the same legs by wearing them), I bought them. Needless to say, that didn’t happen but the shoes looked great and I loved them.
The Queen Mother likes saying that I walk like an elephant, I like to think that I have a very decisive step.

I basically march on…
As such, I will kill any pretty, thin heels in a day, even in a matter of hours so the experience has taught me to go either for flat shoes, sneakers or heels that can stand my power walk.
I thought wedges would be a great alternative but it turned out that this specific model wasn’t great for me. I twisted my ankle a few times and the upper strap came out in no time. I took them for repair twice and after the second time, I wrote back to Nordstrom that kindly offered to refund them to me (best customer service ever!)

So I was a bit nervous when I bought these wedges from Zara last March but given they were much cheaper I thought I would give them a go.
They turned out to be a great little purchase (sorry they no longer available!) and I worked out that the large piece above the foot makes them way more stable than the other version.
In fact, the wedges were higher but I never twisted my ankle. So when I spotted these gorgeous brown wedges, I thought I would give them a go. They turned out to be a fantastic purchase. They are extremely comfortable. The straps hold the ankles well which means your feet are stable, there is no ankle twisting or any other funny business.

On top of that, I find big chunky shoes always make your legs look slimmer.

You can see how they make my legs slimmer and longer here.

The other thing I love is this pretty, little jute bag. It was a gift from Next a few months ago which I styled in the raw bedroom of CASA PYLA.
It’s a great, timeless accessory for the Summer and I know I will use it again next Summer.
    Before you ask, I bought the dress in a shop near CASA PYLA in Le Moulleau.
My mum who gives me her opinion even when I don’t ask for it, thinks it makes me look big. I don’t care. I love the shape, colour and the lightness of the fabric


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