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5 Things I want right now!

Summer staples: 5 Things I Want Right Now

Summer staples: 5 Things I Want Right NowAs I’m writing this, my poor body is aching from yesterday’s surfing. Yet, I had such a ball… Carrying my board to the beach strapped in a tight wetsuit was all worthwhile when I stood up and took a few waves.
Forgetting my swimsuit on Wednesday turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it was only three of us on Thursday (instead of 40 kids) and all women 35+ with the same desire to learn and have fun.
It was so awesome that I’m very much looking forward to go out in the ocean again this weekend, once my body has recovered a bit.

1/I’m lusting after this pretty feathers necklace which is gorgeous

2/and I love the spirit of this gold cuff that says “The world is your oyster” because it really is….

3/Isn’t this dress from Mango beautiful!? I think there is nothing better than a white dress to make us feel like it’s Summer.

4/Still longing for the mini Marcie bag by Chloé

5/ and these leather sandals by K Jacques St Tropez are perfect to finish the look.

What are your favourite pieces?


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