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Summer update

Summer update

A sure sign that it’s time for a change is when nothing fires me up enough to write and share on this blog. A blog which I have now curated for 10 years.

So while in Bali, I worked on the re-branding.

The idea of a magazine format has always appealed to me. After ten years, they are a lot of things that interest me and not just home decoration. I’m just as passionate about interiors as I’m about fashion, well-being, ageing gracefully, travelling, dealing with know all these things you want to share about life because they are meaningful and not just the latest pendant light or vase to have. So  while the girls were jumping in the pool, I spent lots of time working and trying to figure out how to re-brand the BODIE and FOU blog.

I think I have now find a design that fits the effortless, simple and minimalist interiors I like to share but which will also allow me to share with you more articles on fashion, well-being, surfing and anything that I find interesting.Summer updatesummer update I have a few ideas for new features in the pipeline which I’m hoping to launch in September.

Right now, I need your feedback.

From my latest survey (2 years ago), the features you liked the most on the BODIE and FOU Blog was the house tours, my home renovations in London or in France and the weekly fashion column “5 things I want right now” which I gave up in November last year because I had an overdose of consumerism and I felt this feature (which I loved putting together) was going against my inner values. After 8 months, I now realise that this column needs re-branding too rather than being scrapped entirely. The bottom line is that I’m not against buying fashion, I’m against the message in the title, which to start with, was supposed to be humorous. I think nobody at our age feel the need to have things right now! but it’s always nice to think we can have them ;-)

The other thing I know you enjoy from the number of requests I get on Instagram is travel guides which I really need to get better at. To be honest, the thought of spending hours on my laptop once I’m back from a trip, sorting out thousands of pictures doesn’t appeal to me a great deal but I need to find a way to make it work and to change the way I work so I can deliver this content to you. In the meantime, I share a lot of addresses, places to stay on Instagram under hashtags #bodieandfoutravels #bodieandfouveltravelsmarrakech #bodieandfoutravelsbali#bodieandfoutravelscroatia

Summer update

So I still need to finalise a few layout issues and the sidebar but if you could let me know  what kind of content you would like to see the most that would be super helpful.

I do hope you will love the layout too. I’m very happy with it and I feel it’s finally me and represent my style, which I was struggling to express in the previous one column format on the blog. I also think from a reader point-of-view, it’s now easier to see the overall content on offer.

xoxo Karine

//Images via here | white trousers by Rachel Comey | heels by Loeffler Randall

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Founder of Award-Winning Concept Store BODIE and FOU (now closed) & Photographer, UK's Top 10 Design blog, mum of one cool surfer, 23 years in London, now living by the beach in France, married to a kiwi.


  1. Hey Karine!!
    Isn’t this the new layout?? because I love it!!! It’s funny you wrote about the 5 things I want – because I was just looking for a new update!! Love it :)

  2. Julie Stokes says

    Hello Karine.
    I love your blog it is like catching up with a dear friend. My favourites are interior design but that does not mean that I am not interested in anything else that you write about. Love the new format. xx

  3. Sarah says

    Hi Karine
    I love the new layout. Fresh and stylish.
    Also I’m very happy to see you returning to include some fashion. I do understand your concerns about commercialism . However I would say that I used your ‘5 Things I want right now’ not as an excuse to go out and buy for example the Chloe Marcie bag but more to look at what I already owned and reuse it inspired by your style pieces. Indeed just re-looking through your archived fashion section has got me thinking about the white jeans I own and perhaps cutting off the hems.

    • Thank you very much for your feedback Sarah I like the idea of a weekly look rather than a title that says buy buy buy so I’m going to come up with something that doesn’t rub me the wrong way ????

      • barbara says

        Bonjour Karine, superbe nouveau layaout!
        Alors oui, je suis d’accord avec les choix que tu proposes. Peut-être faire remonter la catégorie well-being ?
        Pour ce qui est de la catégorie fashion: je pense comme toi que nous n’avons pas tant besoin de suggestions d’achats, que d’idée de (re)looks (avec parfois des suggestions d’achat à l’appui, pourquoi pas (et en périodes de soldes en particulier, ou en changement de saison, ou quand l’envie te prends ;-)). Donc, oui au changement de titre pour cette section – qui correspond en effet à une éthique de la consommation. Comme d’autres ici, je trouve tes idées et ton regard inspirants – donc merci d’y revenir sur ce blog.

        • Merci beaucoup pour ton feedback Barbara. Je ferais remonter la catégorie well-being quand j’aurais écris de nouveaux articles car pour l’instant les derniers sont quand même assez vieux pour être mis en avant. Mais je pense les faire passer avant la catégorie voyage une fois que j’aurais alimenter cette section.

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