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Sunday evening

I finished painting my bedroom wall. I should be feeling happy but I’m tired and a bit down. It’s cold and dark outside and it’s Sunday evening. I just had a chat on facebook with my best friend Manu who lives in Paris. I can’t wait to see her in January. This beautiful image of Lauren Ward reminds me of her so this is for her and for all the best friends out there.
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  1. Congratulations for your bedrrom wall! Well done! Tiring but so nice whenit’s finally done! a good start for the week :)

  2. Having close friends in different countries can be so challenging sometimes…one misses them so much and thinks about talking to them when something funny or sad happens. Thank you for the photo and the post, it made me thankful for all of my good friends around the globe – their hugs are just a phone call or chat away :)

  3. I feel this way sometimes, too. In fact, my best friend is in Australia at the moment and will be there for a whole year before she returns home. I try and brew myself a comforting herbal tea and dive into a good book/magazine to stop myself getting down. A big hug! xo

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