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Sunday in Casa Pyla

Natural interior

We’ve moved into CASA PYLA a week ago and I’m slowly making it a home.

I don’t want to rush into adding too many things because I really enjoy the minimalism of the space. Plus we are going to lay down the polished concrete floor at the beginning of November and hopefully lay down the oak floorboards on the first-floor end of October.

This means that each time, I will need the clear the whole floor so the fewer things I have to pack and move the better.

Natural light is that space is amazing and makes those days where I have to spend hours in front of my computer editing pictures a lot more pleasant.

The next big job in the house is fitting the final kitchen counter and some gorgeous brass sink and tap from Nivito which are currently sitting in the garage.

For those interested, the HEADING HOME fine art print is available from my shop here.

Let me know if you have any questions about the house, the renovations, or anything else xoxo


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  1. hi! You are so fortunate to be back in the area. We had to leave our holiday home in cap ferret much earlier than expected due to the UK quarantine measures that were suddenly put in place. (Though we were really lucky to have spend a good 5 months there, it’s still always disappointing to leave; following you blog makes me feel better, though :) In regards to your polished concrete floor on the ground floor, I’m wondering if you are concerned about cracking at all ? I wanted that very much for our cabane but was advised against it as we’re on the dune by the ocean side and there was some concern about the inevitable movement of the house, even though it was just renovated completely. We were advised to go with a resin-like product that looks like concrete and it actually pretty awesome so we were not disappointed. It supposedly has a little more give and may still show the wear with hairline cracks over the years, which I don’t actually mind, but it is less brittle that concrete. I’m curious to know if this was a question you were faced with and if so, how did you make the decision?

  2. Thank you for this tip. They have gorgeous colours! I’ll have to check out the showroom next time I’m back. Can’t wait to see the finished result when you post it!

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