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Fab personal planners from Juniqe

Positive personal planners to match your mindset

Now that we are well into mid-January, back to work, how do we make this year a productive and positive one? If you are a check-list person like me, I find that the best way, is to consign all the things you want and need to do in a personal planner following the SMART goal framework: SPECIFIC MEASURABLE ACHIEVABLE RELEVANT TIME BOUND For instance, as one of my major goals, this year is to make 2018 sugar-free (and I’m talking refined sugars only!), I can easily focus on doing one week at a time and tick each day on the page of my personal planner as a mini success and then cross the whole week as a weekly success. Week after week, I’m building positive momentum. I write down other things that will help me to achieve this goal (i.e. finding food I really enjoy eating, food that gives me plenty of nutrients, etc). By the time, you have crossed a whole month, I bet you will be pretty happy with yourself. There are lots of things that I …