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A garage converted into a Summer house

A garage converted into a Summer house

A garage converted into a Summer house is an old dream of mine… We have 2 garages and a workshop filled with junk at the back of our home in France and every now and then, I long for the space to be converted into a Summer house. A place where we could host friends, a space I could use as a photography studio in Winter time, and somewhere where my growing teen Mila could hang out with her cousin and her friends. However, whether or not you have space at the back of your home, this inspiring garage converted into a Summer house is one to bear in mind for future projects. This converted garage has the same long rectangular shape than ours which makes visualisation easy. It has also a lot of features that I’m sure you will love too. Simple, modern lines and high-ceiling. Open-plan living, plywood walls (check these other amazing plywood kitchens projects). Large bay windows and consequently lots of natural light. Last but not least, views of the ocean… Dreamy, isn’t …

A residence in Mykonos by Block 722 Architects

A residence in Mykonos

Since we relocated to our house in France by the beach, I have been eager to change the decoration to fit our new life and lifestyle. Not that the decoration is outdated, quite the opposite actually. I have been impressed how some areas in our home still look modern and timeless after 12 years like our master bedroom with its dark grey feature wall or the Ikea kitchen that hasn’t gone yellow despite being exposed to natural light. However, now that we have received our belongings from London, I feel it’s time to give our home a little makeover and a more beachy look. This is why I was really smitten by the natural touches highlighted in the rendering of this Mykonos residence designed by Block 722, an Architectural practice with offices in Greece and Denmark. Using a neutral palette, earthy materials, and natural soft furnishings, this residence is an invitation to wander around in one of these lovely dresses. Having used a natural lime-based paint by Kalklitir on one of the walls in our lounge to create textures …

DETAILS | White outdoor staircase

DETAILS | White outdoor staircase

I’m starting a new Thursday feature called DETAILS dedicated to Interior Details. I don’t know about you but quite often, when I spend time on Pinterest, it’s very much one specific detail in an image that inspires me and leads me to click and discover a pretty cool home, a new Architecture Studio or a Designer. This gorgeous patio painted in pink did exactly that last year. So today, my first share is this white outdoor staircase which is part of a house in Hammamet, Tunisia renovated by SEPTEMBRE, a collective of French Architects from different backgrounds with complementary skills in architecture, urban planning, urban programming and interior design. This alone makes me want to go to Tunisia… // Photography: Sophia Baraket

HOUSE TOUR: A beautiful, architectural house with black cladding

Beautiful, architectural home with black cladding

Having fitted cladding (see other picture here) to the back of our home in London, painted the front of the house and Steve’s tree house in black, the Ridge Road residence with its beautiful black cladding and its Butterfly chairs really stroke a chord with me. This beautiful, architectural home is on the Mornington Peninsula (south of Melbourne) and has been designed by Studio Four. Located within the Moonah Links golf course, the house is surrounded by nature and according to the Architect: “It is difficult to gain more than a glimpse of the dwelling through the surrounding vegetation. Where the house is visible, it blends within the landscape, the black timber cladding and dark reflective glass selected to help dematerialise the building form from its natural surrounds.”This is a grant building and project, which considering the size of the large windows fitted on steel frames, must have been quite pricey but I thought it was a great inspiring building to have in mind, should you consider adding black cladding to your home. The Ochre Barn in Norfolk is another good example of building with black cladding.The large front deck …

House Tour: The Ochre Barn in Norfolk

The Ochre Barn in Norfolk

Do you prefer living in the city or out in the countryside or by the sea? I grew up in a tiny village in the countryside and since I left home, I’ve always been a city girl at heart. However, having recently spent more time working in France from our holiday home and having gone for a few morning walks by the beach, I started thinking what if… They are still things that drive me crazy like taking the car to run any errands whereas in London, I just walk or cycle + shops are open all the time but I guess there are upsides and downsides on each account. If I was to live in the countryside, I would love to live in a big modern space like the Ochre Barn in Norfolk designed by Carl Turner Architects and achieved on a budget of £400,000 in 2010. The original brickwork of the building was maintained but the whole space was turned into a multi-purpose development to host a retreat, residential quarters and a workspace. // Architecture: …