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Minimalist grey bathroom in CASA PYLA

Minimalist, soft grey bathroom in CASA PYLA

So excited to share with you the look of our master bathroom which features an elegant Kaldewei bathtub fitted with a built-in Sound Wave system (the dream!) When we purchased CASA PYLA in March 2019, the house had 5 bedrooms but only one bathroom which was located on the ground floor. The 4 bedrooms on the first floor had only a wash basin each. We asked our Architect from l’Atelier d’Architecture du Bassin d’Arcachon, to re-configure the space and add at least, three new bathrooms on the first floor which he managed to do. Once the layout of the rooms was done, my biggest challenge was to design three new bathrooms that would feel spacious despite their small size. Just to give you an idea, this one is only 1.92 x 2.13 m but has almost 3m high ceilings. To maintain the sense of space, I kept the bathroom open onto the bedroom without a door. If we want privacy, we shut the bedroom door. Our requirements for this bathroom were: to include a bathtub preferably a steel enamel …

Geberit AquaClean in Casa Pyla

Geberit AquaClean in Casa Pyla

Each time, Steve and I renovate a house, we aim to use different materials and innovative technology. In CASA PYLA, the two tech installations we did was installing an under ceiling heating and fitting one of the toilets with a Geberit AquaClean shower toilets. What are Geberit AquaClean shower toilets? Essentially, the AquaClean shower toilets take personal hygiene to the next level. It is a convenient way to pay particular attention to intimate areas in the most gentle and natural way at the touch of a button. Each AquaClean shower toilet comes fitted with a water spray nozzle. This feature makes them extremely sanitary, both for the user and for the bathroom itself. Each AquaClean shower toilet also comes with a remote control so you can decide on the best setting appropriate to your needs or the one you are the most comfortable with. There is also a  lighting option should you wish to leave it on at night. This video shows you all the different options available and how you can adjust the height of the shower and the water …

A timeless, warm minimalist bathroom

A timeless, warm minimalist bathroom

This timeless, warm, minimalist bathroom caught my eye while I was pinning new things on my Pinterest boards. Especially the stone bathtub in grey travertine which I find simple and beautiful. Having four bathrooms to design for CASA PYLA, I’m currently drawn to minimalist bathrooms that have natural tones and textured walls.Designed by Architect Nicolas Schuybroek, this bathroom was conceived as a salon, hence the central bench. I love the overall look, the oversized mirrors, and the clean lines. The only thing I’m not a big fan of, is the Art déco references. Personally, I would have gone for minimalist lightings like the T series or this one by Charlotte Perriand. SHOP OVERSIZED MIRRORS Photography:  Claessens & Deschamps

our bathroom makeover with TIKAMOON

Our bathroom makeover with Tikamoon

I’m so pleased to share with you another makeover done in CASA PYLA. This bathroom makeover and this kitchen makeover were two of the biggest jobs in phase 1 of CASA PYLA. Luckily, the previous Owners had started renovating the bathroom a bit and it didn’t look as bad as the kitchen. However, it was far from being finished. Bearing in mind that it was only a 3-month project before we take everything apart and move the bathroom somewhere else, I did everything I could to create a modern, bathroom for people staying in CASA PYLA over Summer. The bathroom before Here is how the bathroom looked when we bought the house. The previous Owners had already re-tiled the walls with these dark grey tiles below (which was lucky!), but a strip of tiles was missing all around the room. The walls and ceiling were painted in an old pale green and had a few holes. Last but not least, there was no shower screen, bathroom floor, tap or shower fitted. What did I do? First, I filled …

Before & After: Our white, minimalist bathroom makeover

This has been a long time coming but here is our white bathroom makeover. This is probably the most drastic makeover to date in our home. Although, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen our new renovation project: CASA PYLA where the kitchen was quite a beast too (more of this later). Basin, shower, and toilets were fitted at the end of June ’18. I finished painting the walls literally 5 minutes before our first guests arrived. We couldn’t lay down the floor tiles on time so as a temporary/emergency solution, I bought some waterproof plywood sheets to lay on the concrete slab and we fitted some lino on top with double-face tape. Unfortunately, over the Summer, we got a leak from the toilet pipe behind the newly fitted plasterboards walls and had to cut into the wall to replace the faulty part. At that stage, I was hugely grateful we hadn’t fitted the electric underfloor heating and floor tiles yet. Eventually, bathroom renovations resumed mid-October. We installed the Warmup underfloor heating system (you can see …

Our Tadelakt bathroom | Renovations. Interior Design Project by Karine Candice Kong Read on

Our Tadelakt bathroom

Doing a Tadelkat bathroom was a long dream of mine and it is now one of the projects I most proud of, out of all the things we achieved with our house renovations. You may have seen already our loft conversion, the new kitchen and the resin floor that many of you were interested in. Tadelakt is a material I have been wanted to use for years. It looks and feels like polished concrete and the results achieved with our Tadelakt bathroom really exceeded my expectations. What is Tadelakt? If you’re not familiar with this material, Tadelakt is a unique waterproof plaster finish originally from ancient Morocco. It was initially used by the Berbers to waterproof earthen cisterns for the hygienic storage of drinking water. Later on, it was used to decorate exterior façades, manufacture small drinking vessels. If you’ve been to Morocco, you’ve probably seen it in public bathing houses and bathrooms. The thing I love the most about Tadelakt is, how smooth it feels. While we used gorgeous grey tiles from Castelnau Tiles in the new loft conversion, I was eager to try something …