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GIVEAWAY: Win a Limited edition pair of Bensimon x Nils plimsolls

Bensimon x Nils Inne + Giveaway

If you were a French kid growing up in the 80s, it is very likely that you would have owned at least once a pair of Bensimon. My sister and I lived our Summers in Bensimon… At the start of each Summer, we would pick a new colour and wear them in and out during the next Summer months at the beach. As a mother now, I realised how convenient it was to get your kids a pair of Bensimon. It was the perfect, light, easy-to-care-for pair of shoes to pack for the holidays with the added value that it looked great with a pretty dress or a pair of shorts. A no-brainer really! Like my mum, I kept on the family tradition by getting Mila her own pairs of Bensimon as the start of the Summer. Recently, Bensimon did a collab’ with Nils Inne, a French Artist born in Nice (south of France) who is greatly inspired by Artists like Mark Gonzales, Dave Kinsey, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. A great skater too, Nils designed a …