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Black surf house in Montauk

A black surf house in Montauk

After spending our Easter weekend at the beach, surfing two days in a row and soaking up the sun (still a bit of a hit and miss yet a major improvement on the constant rain from the last few weeks), I thought I would take you to Montauk to discover this cool and spacious surf house. The first thing that caught my eyes was the black cladding, which is a feature I really love and hope we do in our next home. Renovated by New York* studio T W Ryan Architecture, the house is located on a sandy lot in Ditch Plains – a famous surf spot in Montauk, which is a village at the east end of the Long Island peninsula. Have you been!? Montauk is on my list of places to visit… Walking distance from the beach, the house spans 1,905 square feet (177 square meters) and was renovated for a young family who lives in New York City’s West Village. T W Ryan Architecture retained most of the original outdoor structure but transformed the inside into a spacious open-plan living space …

HOUSE TOUR: A beautiful, architectural house with black cladding

Beautiful, architectural home with black cladding

Having fitted cladding (see other picture here) to the back of our home in London, painted the front of the house and Steve’s tree house in black, the Ridge Road residence with its beautiful black cladding and its Butterfly chairs really stroke a chord with me. This beautiful, architectural home is on the Mornington Peninsula (south of Melbourne) and has been designed by Studio Four. Located within the Moonah Links golf course, the house is surrounded by nature and according to the Architect: “It is difficult to gain more than a glimpse of the dwelling through the surrounding vegetation. Where the house is visible, it blends within the landscape, the black timber cladding and dark reflective glass selected to help dematerialise the building form from its natural surrounds.”This is a grant building and project, which considering the size of the large windows fitted on steel frames, must have been quite pricey but I thought it was a great inspiring building to have in mind, should you consider adding black cladding to your home. The Ochre Barn in Norfolk is another good example of building with black cladding.The large front deck …