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Table & chaise Ramatuelle 73' par Grosfillex 7

The Ramatuelle 73′ table – modern French design dining table

*This post includes gifted items While I’m finishing the renovations at CASA PYLA, I’m helping my mum to modernize and redecorate her home. Last Summer, she mentioned she would love a nice, modern garden table big enough to host all her three children and families. She was also keen to have one that she could use inside her home during Winter to tackle all her sewing and crafts projects. Crafty and gifted she is! So we decided upon the extensible Ramatuelle 73′ table by Grosfillex which can be extended from 160 to 210 cm. At 160 cm, it’s the perfect space for her to spread fabrics and set up a sewing machine. Once we add the extension and move it outside, it’s the ideal outdoor table to gather around. The nice dark grey color of the Ramatuelle table was also key to our decision. Ultimately, her future kitchen will be all white (similar to the kitchen we renovated in our home in France) and we both felt it was a good addition for the more modern look …

Black dining tables: 10 of the best

Black dining tables: 10 of the best

In between work and photoshoots, I’m still trying to redecorate our home in France and it’s slowly coming together. I have recently sold our dining table and while I was searching for a new one, I came across some beautiful black dining tables for family living. In the end, our new table will be white to maintain the holidays vibes of our home but I thought I would share my findings with you. Let me know which one you love the most! 1/ Round black dining table in stained ash | This simple round wooden dining table by Gubi is the perfect antidote for your entertaining space. Classic with a rounded table top, this decadent designer dining table takes style cues from the Mid Century design era with a sleek contemporary twist. Designed by Komplot Design – a partnership between Poul Christiansen & Boris Berlin – it is available in a choice of stained and veneer finishes. 2/Tom Dixon Slab black Dining table | This elegant black slab dining table is made of black solid oak with a lacquered finish. Generously in size, the …