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Last post….

This is my last post for the year….for the next three weeks and maybe more.A month ago, I wanted to give up everything…BODIE and FOU, the blog, trying for a baby, trying for so many things, now I just think f**k it. I just want a break, go to the beach, eat healthily, sleep, feel fit again and be with the people I love. {The F**k it therapy} Last year when Mila and I flew to France to say goodbye to my grand-mother before she passed away, I read an article about the “F**k It therapy” in Grazia and how liberating it felt to say f**k it. It made me laugh but it was true…it does feel good to say F**K IT loud and clear. While in France by her side, I taught one of my aunts to say it and we had a good laugh despite the sad circumstances that brought us together. It felt good because it’s like saying no to the things/people who spoil your life. It feels good because it’s like making a …

The BODIE and FOU SS/2013 catalogue has landed!

I’m proud to say that our latest catalogue has landed on our UK customers’ doorsteps today!  If you haven’t received a copy you can request one here before we run out. This means that I can finally show you the inspiring workspace I styled in our new offices and which is one of my favourite ones.  Doesn’t this KNOT chair look amazing!? The white table is also new and can double-up as a desk or dining table and I love these Bamboo lamps and this natural basket which is fast-becoming our best-seller! Well I love everything about our new collection… I’m beaming with proud and I wish I could jump with joy but after a week fighting the flu and then a viral stomach bug, I can hardly stand up which is hugely frustrating but I really hope you will enjoy it.  Please let me know….It’s always very rewarding to get your feedback xoxo

BODIE and FOU offices + Interview in CURIO magazine

“It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy” Steve Jobs The new issue of CURIO magazine is now out and I’m very excited to have the new BODIE and FOU Showroom/offices featured in it.  CURIO magazine is a wonderful magazine launched by the lovely Tara Germain and full of interesting articles and I’m hoping you will enjoy reading mine where I talked about the beginnings of BODIE and FOU and found some inspiration to follow your dreams and create the company of your dreams.Francois was commissioned to shoot two features for this issue, of course the BODIE and FOU one but also the studio of Fiona Leahy who looks amazing! —————————————————————————————————————————————————–// Photography: Francois Kong for Curio magazine

In love with our future offices

At the end of the month, we are moving BODIE and FOU to a new home in Acton and I’m SO excited.  Our new offices will be in a typical old London warehouse with original floorboards and large big windows like these below. Gorgeous isn’t it!?  Since Steve lived in a loft warehouse near Borough market a few years back, I’ve always dreamt of living in a similar building with exposed brick walls and large, industrial windows so I can’t wait to move in and put our stamp on it.  I’m a firm believer that working from an inspiring environment is good for your well-being and I think we are going to be very happy there for the next two years + we have some lovely neighbours! New address from 28th Jan. 2013:  BODIE and FOU Showroom | Styling & Photography Studio 231 The Vale Acton, Second floor, London W3 7QS Tel: +208 450 5600 | | For more inspiring workspaces, check my Workspaces board on Pinterest or here Via   A la fin du mois, BODIE and …

Merci Cote Maison!

Niiice!! 12 French online interior design shops to discover and a fab little review about BODIE and FOU! Merci Cote Maison! Chouette!! 12 web boutiques de deco a decouvrir et une super ‘review’ sur BODIE and FOU! Merci Cote Maison!

My ‘Director’ desk

I had a meeting yesterday with a mail order supplier and the person sitting in front of me, asked my why if I was the company Director, I had the crappiest desk in our office…which made everybody laugh. OK my desk is in fact an old and very distressed wooden door and frankly we could be in the sleekest John Pawson office space, I would still use it as my office desk. Why?…Simply because it is very spacious, since a door is much bigger than your average desk. It also has a story…I saw it one evening coming back from work and I had to drag & bribe my kid brother Francois who was living with me at the time, to come and help me carry it. My ‘table’ started its new life as a coffee table at home and it was a great thing to display a few beautiful interiors books with some small handmade vases and scented candles from Cote Bastide without getting the feel that our coffee table was cluttered. Its vintage …