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How to deal with criticism & improve your positive thinking

How to deal with criticism & improve positive thinking

Do you get hurt when you receive an unsolicited comment or criticism from someone close to you and would you like to know how to deal with criticism? Generally speaking, criticism sucks. It’s never nice to be at the receiving end of bad comments and even more when you didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion. A “friend”, once, told me that the item I wore (and loved!) didn’t suit me at all when I was telling her how much I loved that piece of clothing. I wasn’t hurt by her comment. I was in a good place in my life and when I narrated the conversation to my husband, it made me laugh thinking how rude, my friend’s comment was, given I hadn’t asked for her opinion. Some people need to work on their delivery and diplomatic skills I think. However, should I have been in a difficult place in my life at the time, her comment would have hurt me like hell I think. Since it was a recent friendship, I naturally distance myself a bit. …