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How to make your own fall wreath

The top 10 evergreen Christmas wreaths that will last longer

What is your favorite part when it comes to Christmas decorating? Is it decorating the Christmas tree? Making your own wreath? Putting together a beautiful table setting? Making great food for the whole family? While it is always tempting to get a gorgeous wreath from The White Company or John Lewis, if I have the time, I will make my own. Making your own wreath is a welcoming break in the frenzy that leads to Christmas. Whether you need to go to your local garden center, Sunday market or in the forest, time outside focusing on creating something pretty, will be time well-spent. And like these simple, minimalist wreaths, they don’t have to be big to be beautiful.Now that we live 10 minutes away from a beautiful national forest, I take pleasure in going for a walk, pick up branches and make our own wreath. So armed with my Orla Kiely secateurs and a pair of gumboots, I went for a walk in the forest over the weekend to cut some branches to make my first wreath of the …