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5 special Christmas moments

The few weeks leading to Christmas are the perfect time to build special memories for our children (if you have any) and family members. The kind of memories they will cherish for years to come and maybe pass on. In the past few years, I have tried to be more organised to make sure that Christmas is indeed a special and not a stressful time… {Planning the look of your Christmas table ahead} This year, I wanted to create a very soothing look and introduce textures, warmth and simplicity around a natural palette of off-whites, brown and greys. I paired a vintage textured cotton table cloth with some beautiful linen napkins and these simple but gorgeous Artisan plates from The White Company. For the final touch, I decorated the table with some timeless and stylish glass candle holders and grey candles, which I will be able to use throughout the seasons. “When it comes to styling your table, have as many candle holders as you can afford and mix and match sizes. A cluster will always create more of a …

3 Christmas stylings to inspire you

How to create a nice Christmas wall display without damaging your walls

Since you loved so much this article on how to create a gallery wall without drilling into your walls, I have put together three Christmas stylings to decorate your home without (again!) damaging or drilling into your walls. Christmas styling #1 For this one made in our home in France, I used Command Brand clear hooks (see below) which are great to hang paper balls, garlands or fairy lights. However, should you wish to hang a Christmas lights curtain like the one I’ve hanged in our lounge here, I suggest you use Command Brand clear medium hooks which will be stronger and more suitable to bear the weight of the lights. Either way, both are very easy to fix on the wall and providing your walls are healthy and you follow the instructions when removing them, these little hooks will not damage your walls.To hang my gold NOEL sign, I fixed one of Command Brand plastic hooks on each side of the wall, then I run a clear string through the hooks of the inflatable letters and …

Personal handmade gifts for the people you love

Personal gifts for people you love

I really like the idea of giving handmade gifts to loved ones. The problem with handmade gifts is that first, you need to have the time to make them. Second, you need to be fairly creative or good at something to come up with something that will look really stylish and not looking as if it has been done by a five years old. I’ve made a few scented candles this month but they are more like little tokens of love rather than proper gifts. I didn’t have time to craft anything so I decided to offer my friend Perrine, one of the photos I took of her when we did this photoshoot. Now… I don’t have the presumption to assume that anyone receiving one of my photos is going to say “wow” out of excitement but last time I saw Perrine, she told me that the photoshoot really boosted her confidence and made her re-connect with the person she was a few years ago. This really strokes a chord with me. I have know Perrine since …

10 beautiful Christmas gift wrapping to inspire you

10 beautiful Xmas gift wrapping to inspire you

Since my last post on these 10 inspiring Christmas wreaths to make, sick days have taken over and it has been a daily struggle to stick to my December to-do list but I really wanted to show you these 10 beautiful Christmas gift wrapping which I’m sure you’ll find useful when you find yourself wrapping presents at the last minute. I have also included my favourite gift labels and wrapping paper free to download.

10 jolies, naturelles couronnes de Noël à faire

10 beautiful, inspiring Christmas wreaths to make

I’ve always loved Christmas wreaths and today is just about inspiring you to make your own Christmas wreaths. I know it may be a bit early for some, to start thinking about Christmas. However, as per my post from yesterday, I want to re-focus on things that provide us with a great deal of happiness and peace. I’m talking about doing things that are good for our body and for our soul. For some of you, me-time will be a warm bath and lounge around in your gorgeous Hush pyjamas. Personally, when I find the time, I find it very calming to make things while listening to the radio or baking a gluten-free banana cake for Mila or doing some DIY. Whatever I chose to do, usually provides me with a great sense of achievement. So, there are two things I really would like to make before the end of the year: 1) a beautiful wreath inspired by nature, 2) some scented candles… I love scented candles. Making some to give to the people I love, has been on my to-do list for a …

Monday's must-have: THIS DRESS!! worn by Kate Moss Read on


Have you sorted your outfit for Christmas yet? Since it will be our first Christmas without dad, I’m not even sure I will be in the mood to celebrate anything or dressing up but deep down, the part of me who is writing this from her sofa, dressed in comfy harem trousers, is hoping that I’ll be

4 Styling tips to make your Christmas decoration easy

If you are on Instagram, you may have seen that over the weekend, Mila painted a pumpkin left over from Halloween in silver. It was a creative job we both enjoy – although for different reasons :-) but that pretty much kick-started our Xmas decorations… For those who haven’t received a copy of the BODIE and FOU Christmas catalogue*, here are four styling tips I put together using washi tapes. I’m a big fan of japanese masking tapes and I use them regularly at home and at work to create mood boards. Versatile, easy to use, they are an inexpensive way to get cracking with Christmas decorations… *You can see the BODIE and FOU catalogue on Issuu here {Thank you for leaving a comment. Reading them always makes me very happy} Decorative star | Polar bears (SOLD OUT!), can be replaced by White Deers | masking tapes Si vous etes sur Instagram, vous avez peut-etre vu que ce weekend, Mila a peint couleur argent, une citrouille qui nous resté d’Halloween. C’était un petit projet créatif que nous avons apprecié toutes les …