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5 Things You Want Right Now for Paris Fashion Week

5 things I want right now!

For those who don’t follow me on Instagram, I’m in Paris this weekend (see hashtag #bodieandfoutravelsparis). Yesterday, I went to meet my photography hero: Peter Lindbergh who kindly signed his new book for me (see Instagram stories), and afterwards I went to a party organised by Milk magazine at La Trésorerie (very nice shop in the 10th arrondissement).

Scene in a Parisian shop

Scene in a Parisian shop

On Tuesday, I went to a very cute little shop where my sister Elodie had seen some gorgeous Liberty blouses… Stylish Italian customer: “Oh! I’ve got the same handbag than you!” Moi: “Ah’s funny! Where did you get yours?” Stylish Italian customer: “In New-York!” Moi: “I’m asking because I sell them in my shop in London…” Stylish Italian customer: “Oh…what’s the name of your shop?” Moi: “BODIE and FOU” Stylish Italian customer: “Oh but I know it!! I love BODIE and FOU and the Blog” Moi: “Oh..really?! Thanks (me blushing) Well I’m Karine…I’m one of the Founders with my sister who lives nearby” Stylish Italian customer: “Oh I’m so happy to meet you…I love your shop and your blog! I actually saw the bag on your site and then send the link to my husband when he was in NY” Moi: “How funny!!….and amazing” Stylish Italian customer: “..I’m very very happy to have met you!” Moi: “Me too! :-)” Needless to say that I left the shop with a beaming smile! I mean how unbelievable …