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How to do the 20 days lemon detox

How to do the 20 days lemon detox

Today is the change of season (hello Autumn!) so a few friends, my sister and I, are kicking off a 20-days lemon detox. As I got a few questions on Instagram last night, I thought I would quickly explain it if you want to jump on the wagon and do it too.

Gluten-free, FODMAP banana cake recipe. Read on

Gluten-free banana cake

I think this is the third recipe of banana cake I’ve posted on the blog. I hadn’t baked a banana cake for over a year because I could no longer cope with the amount of sugar. Did you know that a traditional banana cake recipe contains at least 11 spoons of sugar!?   This banana cake recipe is gluten-free, FODMAPs friendly, refined sugar-free and if you don’t have food intolerance, it is simply delicious and healthy.

How to deal with anxiety in a positive way. Read on

How to deal with anxiety in a positive way

I think we all suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives. Job, break-up, loss, move, changes, anything stressful can trigger some anxiety, which sometimes escalades into panic attacks (and these really suck!) or worse case scenario into depression. I had an interesting conversation recently with my sister about anxiety. She had read that anxiety was like a messenger that meant well. The only thing, it speaks a foreign language and it keeps coming back until we’ve finally understood what it is trying to say. “I love the idea” says Elodie but “I have absolutely no clue about what I’m supposed to understand and this little shit keeps waking me up with its crypted message in the middle of the night!”. This made me burst out laughing at a time I felt like crying but I think it’s really helpful and calming to look at anxiety like an omen that genuinely wants to help us.

My journey to a healthier, leaner, fitter version of myself Part 1. >>

My journey to a fitter, healthier version of myself

  Since so many of you have been following my journey on Instagram, I thought it would be useful to share my journey to a fitter, leaner, healthier version of myself or “How to get fit and healthy in your forties” with more information than Instagram allows. So here are a few facts about myself: Age: 45 years (46 on 30/03/2015) Starting weight on 27/12/2014: 67 kg, current weight: 63 kg, weight loss: 4kg, height: 1m55 Fitness: @Kayla_itsines BBG, Bikram yoga, cardio classes at the gym, 45 min. walk to the office Nutrition: 90% clean eating. Alcohol once a month. Health: BMI overweight (calculate your BMI here), terrible IBS, occasional backaches Weight goals: 10kg in total (need to lose an extra 3kg on top of what I’ve already lost to reach a healthy BMI)

healthy & yummy homemade green mash


Each time I go to France, I love stocking up our fridge with frozen vegetable mash but I’ve never managed to find it in any supermarkets in London so I’ve started making my own. I usually double or triple the quantity to freeze several batches so I have plenty. If I have fell off the health wagon and feel tired or nutrient-deprived, I usually put myself back of track having my daily green smoothie in the morning and eating this with grilled chicken, steamed salmon or smoked salmon at lunch time or in the evening.

My daily green smoothie. Recipe on

My daily green smoothie

Last year, I asked a Nutribullet for Mother’s Day. Since then, I’ve been making this healthy and delicious green smoothie which is very easy to make, very refreshing and packed with vitamins. One glass of this delicious green smoothie will give you the recommended daily fiber intake (25g of fibers/day for women) to favour a good transit. Update: I used to drink a glass for breakfast and take the left-over to work and often had the other half of the avocado for lunch in a salad. However, despite eating healthily, I was still bloating which I found hugely frustrating considering how many dietary changes I have made since 2013. That was until I had a consultation with a Nutritionist specialised in FODMAPs who explained to me that avocado was not FODMAPs friendly and should be restricted to 1/4 per day. There was also a few other “healthy” things I was regularly eating which are still healthy but just challenging for sensitive guts. Since then, I have reduced the amount of avocado and now, I have …