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10 coupes de cheveux courts portées par nos françaises préférées

10 ways to rock short hair like French women

Haven’t you felt like a million $$$$ after coming out of a hairdresser appointment? It is a sure way to look and feel good providing you’ve found a Hairdresser you trust and love of course! I have now and she got me hooked on Moroccan Oil products. Especially the moroccanoil treatment which enables me to nourish and style my hair dry and the moroccanoil heat styling protection, a necessary evil if you’re going to use a hair dryer (check the new range here) or a hair curler (my favourite for wavy hair). So if you’re in need of a change to start fresh with a new look, new vibe, new you, here are 10 ways to rock short hair like French women. This doesn’t mean that women from other nationalities don’t sport short hair well, of course, they do! I’m obsessed with Alexa Chung and Uma Thurman’s hair here but being French and all that, that’s the angle I’m going for ;-) CHECK THE NEW L.K. BENNETT COLLECTION >> CHECK THE NEW HUSH COLLECTION HERE >> Which haircut(s) do you prefer!? …

Priceless tips to get from Clemence Poesy's hair & fashion style

Priceless tips to get from Clemence Poesy’s hair & fashion style

Clemence Poesy is one of Parisian chic icons who manifests a unique unpolished beauty, a bohemian look. Get tips on how to dress like a French muse. I spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest (for work of course!) and once in a while, I see something and think…WOW! And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw Clémence Poesy’s new haircut…She has always been a very attractive girl but her new haircut has made her even sexier.