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WAXED Coffee - Hossegor's Speciality Coffee Shop

Waxed coffee in Hossegor

WAXED Coffee is Hossegor’s speciality coffee shop. Whilst there are many cool places to hang out in Hossegor, Waxed is one of my favourites. Launched by two Welsh guys Cai and Will in June 2016, WAXED has the cool vintage industrial feel of a coffee place from East London (think Bricklane or Shoreditch) with a surfing & skating vibes. Located in the centre of Hossegor, Waxed is also one of the few coffee places that are opened all year like Billabong, Ripcurl and Quiksilver, where I finally found the black parka of my dreams (I got mine size 16 yo). I first went there in 2016 when they had just opened and went back again last week once Mila’s competition was finished. There are many things I love about this place… The food is great. They have plenty of healthy, vegan and gluten-free options. You can expect a perfect latte (€3.50) or a flat white (€3.85) made with Allpress beans – available with soy, almond or oat milk. For breakfast or lunch, you can enjoy enormous avocado toasts with poached eggs, good chia pudding with …

Espresso Cafe in Manhattan

Espresso Cafe in Manhattan

Located on Madison Avenue in New-York, the Espresso Cafe was designed by Nema Workshop, a team of Architects & Designers who specialize in creating conceptually innovative spaces. I initially thought the walls were covered by wallpaper but in fact, the walls are covered with tiles printed with sepia-tones photos of books. It gives the room an Inception-esque or Alice in Wonderland-esque sense (depending on your film references) that the room has suddenly been turned upside down. What do you think? Pretty visually impressive, isn’t it!?